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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-29-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-29-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 10:07:25 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG


A Web site is up to assist U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Bud_Log
subscriber Earl Skeean with medical expenses.  (Its "Front Page"
link is broken but the "Telegram Article" button works.)

Monday 23 July 2001
Possible energy-crisis solution for propellorheads to develop
Since lightning is DC why not store it in a large capacitor then
convert to AC?  The conductors would be admittedly large.  A cap
could be located in each city; for example the Capitol in
Warshington could be suitable since on a hill and other than the
Library of Congress its purpose now is in the process of being
reduced to dalliances with interns, etc.
At 1155 Head_Bud was calling his heart out, "Which frequency are
you on Bud_Light?"  Bud_Light blissfully drove by in the
6-wheeled pickup.
Lee and Budette went to lunch at the Whistle Stop.
As your editor was paying for the small purchase of a grinder,
Villager proprietor Paul Holmberg told a sailor joke with punch
line of "every little bit helps."  Having a lifetime of
experience he can run the cash register and tell joke at same
Reggie's regular petrol is selling at $1.539 per gallon, pumped
by Bud_Getty his own self.
At 2:30 your editor pulled a surprise inspection at the IPG site
expecting to see steel erected however it's a dynamic place with
a multitude of contractors' trucks such that the Facilities
Manager's vehicle was observed parked in a ditch.  Nevertheless
we can be sure that Bud's ox is not in a ditch as former Texas
Governor Maw Richards (a Hog rider BTW) quipped about George Bush
in 1992.
At ~3 PM Bud_Light was heading north to the Registry of Motor
Vehicles in Worcester to get proper documentation for the new
Bud will soon be overseeing the HVAC systems via PCAnywhere on
his laptop.  There was "9-degrees Delta" in the chiller. (Your
editor loves to hear high-tech language like that.)

Tuesday 24
"He knows nothing and he thinks he knows everything. That points
clearly to a political career."
                                 .....George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday 25
Charter Cable turned off the TV signal to Oxford at 0002 for some
hours halfway thru "Letterman".
At 1000 Bud and Jim adjourned to the 200 Sportsmen's Club for
target practice with an M-1, handgun and .22 rifle with scope.
Bud reported that Jim is a good marksman with all of them.  Jim
is a veteran of the U.S. Army, you know.
A visit was made today by classmate Larry Bedard in a Chevy
pickup with hinged-at-front fiberglass tonneau over the bed.
The temperature is 90 F for the second day and humid.
Dick returned from vacationing in England "where they are paying
$5.20 per gallon gas ..... and 82% of that is  T A X !"
Norm had bad news below on the fate of last week's newborn
My baby robins are gone ... eaten, every one.  Even the nest is
destroyed.  I discovered the tragedy last night.

Thursday 26
The temperature today is in high 60's with rain in morning.
Roofers commenced work on the neighboring Olney girls' house
applying "architectural shingles".
Mrs. VVS rammed her shopping cart into that of your editor in the
Shaw's Market.  There is still no Snapple Classic Lemonade in
Head_Bud take note:
At 4:18 PM Bud_Light was heard fruitlessly calling HJC; it sounds
like another case of ears not ON while mobile.
Our Head_Bud proposed that hams provide communications for the
Celebration Oxford event on 19 August.

Friday 27
Bud_Light went to Park 'n Shop for a fruit basket to present to a
hospitalized veteran.
Bud_Light submitted a restaurant review:
To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: Re: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-22-01
From: Ronfisher1@aol.com
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 00:19:21 EDT
CC: WIZARDOZ01@aol.com, MickeyM311@aol.com

I've been getting pizza at dairy express.Its been pretty good .It also has a very good Clam strip dinner (enough for 2).Also very good grinders .Steak,peper onion cheese
is my favorite.


Bud laid out this agenda for Sunday morning:
To: b.budlight@verizon.net (Bud_Light DSL), bbudlight@charter.net,
  k1otw@arrl.net, k1keg@home.com,
  k1otw@arrl.net.k1otw@arrl.net (H. Rodham Worthington) (H. Rodham Worthington)
Subject: Erection Party
From: MickeyM311@aol.com
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 14:43:28 EDT

Sunday, 440 antenna erection, Carl's first!

Saturday 28
Dave Letterman stated that it was so hot that to cool off
"president Clinton" got into bed with Hillary.  On the subject of
moving into the new Harlem office located between a Wendy's and a
Hooters, we viewers learned how the Certificate of Impeachment
was hung on the office wall, accompanied by a charade indicating
nailing.  Oh yes, the new desk had to be returned due to
insufficient head space.

Sunday 29
This morning according to plan the Bud_Repeater's antenna was
raised to full height secured by additional guying.  Bud_Keg was
in attendance having driven Mrs. Keg's new bug.. (It will look
even cuter with a Hustler vertical mounted in the center of the
roof.)  Phyllis was a mystery guest on 448.2 MHz whose identiy was
promptly ascertained just as if Dorothy Kilgallon were behind the
blindfold (a bit of TV trivia there).
Bud and Keg dined inside the New England Pizza (rating = *).
There is a new yorkie in town - at 4:14 PM he passed by on a red
reel-type leash accompanied by a blond-haired young lady.
At 5 PM Buds_Keg and Oscar were able to hear the Bud_'Peater
after the trustee/control operator replaced a coax jumper between
the repeater and duplexer.
This week a new wannabe Bud is up before "The Board":
Bud_Buffalo. (This is SOP except in the rare case of Oxford's tree surgeon
Bud_Bark who was given a field commission by Bud during an ice
While observing a fellow jumping a truck battery Bud requested
Log readers to answer the question of how to test if cables are
a. Use a voltmeter
b. Connect cables to battery #2 and see if it works
c. Short cable clamps causing a giant spark and possibly
  destroy alternator diodes
d. None of the above


Bud_Repeater = 448.200MHz output, 443.200 input, 114.8Hz PL
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Perfection:     *****          Billy's Burg-o-Rama, Carl's Diner,
                              Scales, Colonial Restaurant
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