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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-04-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-04-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 06:02:03 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Correction of last week's Bud_Log: At WA3KEY polyester line on the north leg of the 80-40-30 meter
dipole was suspected of being severed by a rodent, not coax.
To copy KTLA WA3KEY is a subscriber to DishNetwork, not DirectTV.

Monday 29 October 2001
Yesterday elections were held at Post 58 American Legion with the
following results:
Jim Haskell aka Bud_Houston            = Adjutant again
Greg Anderson aka Bud_Selectman (Ret.) = Jr. Vice Commander
During the meeting Kentucky Colonel chicken was enjoyed and
refreshments were served in keeping with Jim's doctor's
admonition to take in plenty of liquids.
The spare Watts pressure-reducing valve was installed at OTW and
was regulating fine while under scrutiny out of the box.
A young Oriental UPS driver rang the chimes and was dropping a
box between the doors when your editor opened and the fellow
stated that he is new and asked if this is 17 West Street.
OTW tested the new bratwurst sausage hotdogs at McDonald's with a
2-for-1 coupon.  The clerk asked for $2.30 and was handed two
dollar bills, a quarter and a nickel.  Two dimes were returned.
These things are a tasty pork sausage in a bun with good strong
chopped onion and deli mustard.  They are not recommended for the
Head_Bud in closed quarters.

Tuesday 30
Visited JWL Estate where JWL appeared on the Bud_Repeater as a
mystery guest who was shortly identified by Bud_Light.  XYL
Martha whizzed by so rapidly towing luggage on wheels that she
missed her opportunity to be a mystery guest.  JWL has a new Ford
Escape in OTW-approved metallic forest green color.  There is a
windshield wiper on the rear window.  This machine is equipped
with GPS, 2-meter and 440MHz antennae.  While aboard a ferry to
Nova Scotia its speed was determined to be 20 mph by GPS. (Phil
was in the Air Force so does not speak in knots.)
JWL once possessed a ham shack fully qualified to be a high
finisher in the "QST" Messy Shack Contest which unfortunately was
never photographed.  We agreed that the winner of the contest in
the current issue has a fine exhibit but JWL had wires drooping
from the ceiling into the "walking trail" which really made an
impression on WA1WPX at one time.  Hi, hi!
The Shaw's Market was running a sale on Snapple at 2-for-$1.
Why not simply say that price is 50 cents when a single bottle
will be sold?
IPG is negotiating to hire _________ who so far has been wined
and dined at Billy's.
Passing by the new Watts valve #2 it was observed to be putting
out full line pressure.  OTW learned something there.  No doubt
this is a reason (other than $$$) that plumbers do not provide a
gauge in homes.

Wednesday 31
0045 - Craig Kilborn ridiculed an interest in ham radio.
1015 - two female Jehovah's Witnesses are on the prowl on Fremont
Street - getting poor response but appear to be having a nice
Halloween trickers would have been lighted by a full beaver moon
for the first time in 46 years except for the cloud cover and
Tnx to K1BEL an unwilling subscriber has been added to the
Bud_Log roster: our ol' friend Ernie Benoit.

Thursday 1 November
We enjoyed 70 degrees again on this fine day.
Bud has a canvas ceiling in the living room and reports that due
to the effects of the two Pest-A-Cators http://www.amsontech.com/
the rodents up there have evolved into kamikaze mice who run like
heck (sounds like a drum) right into the wall and then it smells
funny for a while..

Friday 2
Today is the second consecutive day in a row with temperature in
the 70's.
Your editor was worked-on at the new barber shop.  The new barber
himself was there eating a 12-inch New England Pizza and made a
negative comment on the cheese.
At high noon Bud reported that the IPG move has commenced from
Sturbridge.  He and Budette dined at the Whistle Stop.
The OTW leaves were mulched by the Allis-Chalmers with only one
stop due to the mysterious fuel shortage.  This procedure looks
to be a genuine work saver and is much needed.  The 1/4" nut
driver to loosen gasoline-hose clamps is now duct-taped to the
hood so is not apt to be needed again.

Saturday 3
It sounded like an instance of rump operation at 1725 on the
Bud_Repeater with possibly a female voice in the background,
Call Box #1 at Greenbriar put out a low-battery alarm.
Investigation by O7 (oh seven) indicated destruction of the solar
panel by alleged rocks still lying on it.  The shift commander
directed that a note be left for the 1st sgt since such matters
are his bailiwick.  (The Bud_cops formerly took care of high-tech
stuff voluntarily.)

Sunday 4
Phyllis' dinner today was excellent prime rib au jus, green beans
and baked mashed-potato-in-a-tub with cheesecake pudding for
dessert.  That WPX can cook!!
The Arizona Diamondbacks are World Series champions by 3-2.  John
McCain was not far off this morning on "Fox News" when he
predicted a win by 3-1 and that Mayor Guiliani will now send a
horse to the Imus ranch (whatever that means).  The Boston
Patriots also won their NFL game.


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Perfection:     *****          Billy's Burg-o-Rama, Carl's Diner,
                              Scales Seafood & Ice Cream,
                              Colonial Restaurant, Twin Oaks
Very Good:      ****           P&D Pizza, Chowder Bowl
Good:           ***            Periwinkle's
Below Par:      **
Serious Flaws:  *              Friendly's, New England Pizza

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