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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 03-03-02
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 03-03-02
From: "H. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 06:28:12 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 25 February 2002
Good!  With WPX back in town your editor can resume ignoring
telephone ringers displaying no name and no number.
Customs confiscated from WPX the following items: souvenir
matches, sharp plastic drink stirrer and can of hair spray.  WPX
reported a net profit from bingo playing in Aruba.
At 1 PM the IPG Facility Manager is to meet with the Director.

Tuesday 26
In the Price Chopper a large fellow using a hand-held pricing
gadget in the frozen foods asked if he could help your editor,
and he did with size of an on-sale item.  This is the first time
that a market employee has volunteered to help a customer in the
OTW history.

Wednesday 27
We saw 62 degrees on Fremont Street at 12 feet above grade as
indicated on a Taylor indoor/outdoor thermometer from Spag's,
alcohol operated.
Bud played the attached sound of the IPG Mascot for the griller.
They do not really understand the mascot language.
For the record, Head_Bud has switched between the paper Franklin
Planner and electric planners twice and is considering a third
reversion to the paper.  The PDA now under test can be plugged
into the laptop and soon a turkey-gobbling sound indicates that
data have been transferred including 800+ e-mails.  Bud is high
tech and when employed at DEC had 1,700+ e-mails in arrears and a
giant keyboard about 2-feet long..

Thursday 28
The party is over with temperature of 30 degrees and gusty winds
This morning there were 24 e-mail messages in the spam trap, 4
which escaped the trap and not a single one from a known entity -
not even a joke..
3:42 PM Houston went to Auburn to meet brother where a tap check
was to be done at (assumed) the Chester P. Tuttle American Legion
Oh, the Picadilly Pub was also on the Auburn itinerary.
5:52 PM Tap check completed in Auburn - to be continued in
Oxford.  "That is all."
5:58 PM Houston passing Billy's Burg-o-Rama.  Bud and "the bride"
are going to the Whistle Stop for a BLT which Houston deemed "a
beautiful thing" as might be expected.  Houston then recited the
USPS-denied mailman's motto about sleet and snow, etc.
1.5 inches of wet snow fell this afternoon covering lawns.
In years of heavy snowfall, emergency increases are requested so
now with the lowest snowfall in recent history will not there be
considerable excessive funds in the Snow Removal Account this
season?  Without public mention these funds will not just be
spent on toys, will they?
At 8:34 PM Houston reported 44.8 F and rather warm from tap at
Legion Hall.  He is now at the VFW Post where his brother was in
such a hurry that he ran in forgetting his cane.
They met no town dignitaries at any site.

Friday 1 March
In the Shaw's Market the Mrs. VVS was met reporting that the
family has been down with the flu, even VVS his own self who
nevertheless thru it all has been eating well including desserts
(that's a ham for ya).  New dog Buddy has begun eating objects
unfit for the Bud_Log subscribers to hear.  Carolyn was
purchasing a dozen eggs saying that even her hens are taking it
easy.  While visiting, your editor's cart was cast aside from its
position in another queue (this means a line for those in West
Palm Beach).  Your editor just moved to the VVS line being
mindful of the recent "checkout rage" perpetrated by female
The following cultured review is appreciated:
To: "howie" <k1otw@att.net>
Subject: YUM
From: "sue cynthia olney" <sueolney@RCN.COM>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 19:57:35 -0500

our latest restaurant find...La Bussola in Holden..past the center..up 122A..used to be the Jefferson House.....now being operated by the family that runs Ciao Bella on Grove street,Worc......
I had fresh haddock with seafood stuffing  ..very good  but too much stuffing(too little seafood), it came with delicious Italian bread and seasoned dipping oil..also a generous amount of rice pilaf, brocolli and cauliflower( fresh steamed, not mush)....Cindy had Chicken Apianna...4 large pieces grilled with  a nice white sauce with light garlic, marsala, and mozarella over your choice of pasta.....we were shown a dozen varieties of cake/creamcake/cheesecake/tiramitsu....all looked good but we didn't try any.   We had the best bruschetta we've ever had....same italian bread, fresh basil,fresh, delicious tomatoes and creamy mozarella ....excellent               TRY IT..YOU'LL LIKE IT............

Saturday 2
Your editor renewed subscriptions to "PC Magazine" and "Consumer
Reports" as sold by next-door neighbor Jill.  Now there are some
radical publications all right!
Bud_Light's American Airlines Flight 680 and family landed at
Logan Airport at 4:44 PM according to the Flight Tracker.
Uh, oh!  At 7:37 PM it was learned that Budette saw Bud_Light
yesterday.  Never mind.
Somehow your editor wondered how/when "Logan" was named:

While the airport facilities underwent a metamorphosis, the governance of the airport and its name changed. In 1956, Boston Airport was officially renamed the Lt. General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport by the state legislature. General Logan was born in Boston on January 20, 1875. He was a graduate of Boston Latin school in 1894, Harvard College in 1898 and Harvard Law School in 1901. During a long and varied career, General Logan served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Massachusetts Senate. He was chairman of the Metropolitan District Commission, manager of the George Robert White Fund and later became a judge in the South Boston District Court. His military career dates back to November, 1897 when he enlisted in the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia to fight in the Spanish-American War and ended when he retired as a Lieutenant General on March 22, 1928. He was called for active duty in the Spanish-American War, served as a Colonel commandin
g the 16th (Yankee) division and was promoted to the grade of Major General in March, 1923. He retired on March 22, 1928 and passed away on July 6, 1929 leaving behind his widow and two children, Patricia and Edward L.. Jr.

In the same year, the state legislature also created Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) to operate and manage the airport and Boston's port facilities. By the late 1950's, Logan Airport was the tenth busiest airport with over two million passengers annually.
At 11:00 PM rain has commenced falling accompanied by a
weatherlady's warning that our loose trash cans will blow away.
Sgt. Major Baker served in the 26th Yankee Division.

Sunday 3
Today's temp is 60.
WPX commented that Aruba is very hot but a dry heat such that
there is no perspiration (scientific language used being a
nurse).  Her tan is fading already.  Also we nearly lost her due
to the strong undertow; she was saved by sisters.  She said that
short-skirted waitresses offer food and drink to those at the
gambling equipment.
NOTE to Un Chung: Phyllis has her personal Aruba wampum card on display on kitchen

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Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com

35-foot self-supporting tower, belonged to K1YLH (SK), is now in
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