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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 02-24-02
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 02-24-02
From: "H. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:09:19 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 18 February 2002
With a pencil eraser Head_Bud cleaned the "gold" terminals of the
dual bander which seems to have restored steady audio when
transmitting on UHF.  An optional interface cable which is
clamped by screws is available for 129 dollars.  For the record
Bud has no spare dual banders.
For lunch Bud dined at MacDonald's on a fish sandwich.  Bud rates
the crispy chicken good also.
At 4:07 PM Mrs. Bud_Light was spotted passing by at a good pace.

Tuesday 19
In the donut shop Bud met the chief and asked how come he (Bud)
gets no discount.  Chief replied, "You are not in uniform."  Bud
did not follow up altho he was once told that Bud_cops would be
called to service when the country is at war and now is waging
the War Against Terrorism.
Maybe the non-uniform uniform the town fathers wanted Bud_cops to
wear would not be recognized in a donut shop anyhow.
Bud went into the Subway shop and was never heard to leave.
At 2:48 PM a "fly by" was made at IPG where the charcoal grill
(used as a scarecrow for geese) was seen on the front lawn beside
two red picnic tables.  The Head_bud's truck was in Slot #1, it
appeared.  The employee parking lot was well populated even
outnumbering contractor vehicles.  Three flags were flying.
Building 3 is coming along.  The forest looks to be thinned so
that the ice-covered French River is visible.  Classy new signs
are in place, look like granite but are constructed of plywood
according to the FM.
Just north of there at the new church the green "grass" looks
strange under the light snow.
A message came in from Suesala of Easy Street - who actually
reads the Bud_Log.

Wednesday 20
Bud_light reported the new 2GHz machine with DDR memory is
running well.  Bud_Light, Jr., is now a resident of Oxford again.

Thursday 21
The temp is 63.5 degrees F at 2:09 PM.
A polite telephone call from an assistant to Congressman Tom
"The Hammer" Delay ostensibly wanted your editor's response to a
survey on federal gun control however turned out to more
interested in requesting 75 bucks.  He was told that the annual
otw meager contribution is needed here in the People's Republic
of Massachusetts to assist the GOAL.
The Olney girls had to de-instal a Kodak digital-camera driver
which was interfering with their HP touchpad.  Three kitties were
grazing on the lawn.
The oil-burner serviceman asked to use the facility stating,
"They don't give us a bathroom in the trucks."  Now "Stan" is a
good old name for a serviceman who once worked for Sawyer's and
remembered Carl Wickman and John Sutherland the engineer.  As
soon as he plugged-in the drop light he was beeped.  Declaring it
faulty he was unable to operate the pulse-type telephone on the
post so had to use a TouchTone instrument (not encouraging).  A
new nozzle, gasket and sight glass were supplied under provision
of the overpriced service contract.  C.K. Smith apparently
cleaned-up on the oil contract price this season considering
Midnight Oil's current price of 96 cents/gal for COD sales.

Friday 22
It's only 50 today.
On the Bud_repeater a neighbor who shall not be identified asked
if Head_Bud had a short day since he was home from approximately
0950 to 1008 during which time period his Mickeym311 ID
coincidentally appeared on AOL Instnat Messenger.
Old salt Bud_Light & family left for Miami to embark on a
Caribbean cruise.  They were to be chauffeured to Logan Airport
in a white Lincoln limo by Eric's Limousine Service but your
editor happened to be passing Bird Court and noticed a white van
being loaded (probable nepotism there).
Bud_Heavy was instructed to cover as interim XO (Executive
Officer for those in West Palm Beach).
Bud_Houston has a new Yaesu FT-7100M dual bander in service with
5, 10, 25 and 50W power levels.
Bud_Light's flight was tracked on the Flight Tracker from Boston
to Miami taking 3 hours 18 minutes at maximum speed of 510 mph
and max altitude of 32,000 feet.  There were about ten changes in

Saturday 23
No post card from WPX yet.
Bud deposited an ebay check at the Webster Five Bank.

Sunday 24
Bud_Houston declared the new FT-7100 a "beautiful thing".  It can
even send his callsign in CW but Jim does not want to show off.
It sounded like "the bride" could be acquiring another
For the record, oil is leaking from the pump of the oil burner at
midnight.  Isn't it wonderful to get such "service"?
WPX's Flight #426 landed at T. Green Airport a half hour late at
11:18 PM.

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Ten Tec Omni 6
Four Optional Filters
Desk Microphone

Kenwood TS-820 no xmt, no rcv (PLL suspected)
External VFO Desk Mic
Original Shop Manual

Classic Heath Paint Can Dummy Load filled with mineral oil
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com

35-foot self-supporting tower, belonged to K1YLH (SK), is now in
"outside storage" in Webster
Dennis, K1VSG, 508-987-5827 K1VSG@arrl.net

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Halliscratchers SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


Bud_Repeater = 443.200MHz input, 448.200 output, 131.8Hz PL
RI rem. link = 147.425, 131.8Hz PL
Callsign     = WB3CUU/R
Hardware     = Motorola R100
Secret Freq. = 147.435
Bud_Net      =   7.240    +/- QRM @ 1300 Eastern Time Sundays   Bud_Web_site = http://members.home.net/k1keg/Budpage/budpage.htm
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Bud_Ice   (resigned)
Bud_Keg                 http://members.home.net/k1keg/keg.htm
 "                     http://hometown.aol.com/n1qdw/index.html
Bud_Classic             http://www.wa3key.com/top.html
Bud_Trician (field commissioned)

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Budette_Keg        http://members.home.net/dtroi57/JanaranFalls.htm
Bud_On_The_Side (Silent Key Marty, Sr. ever in memoriam)
Bud_No_Show (pending appeal)
Bud_Selectman (Ret.)

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                              Wright's Chicken Farm
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                              East Main Street Cafe
Good:           ***            Periwinkle's, Friendly's
Below Par:      **
Serious Flaws:  *              New England Pizza