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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-01-03
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-01-03
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 03:59:53 -0500
To: "Bud_Log Mailing List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Yard Sale at Olney Girls' Estate:
If you wish..you can put our YARD SALE in your newsletter...there's going to be 5 families represented!!!...Saturday 8-1  SUNSHINE  PLEASE

Monday 26 May 2003
Memorial Day was celebrated in steady rain.  Your editor was
in Mr. Naramore's former viewing slot.  There was no competition
to park.  A man leading the parade thanked your editor and
added that he's looking for the next bystander (later learned
to be Mr. Powell of the VFW accompanied by Mr. Anderson of the
Legion).  Selectmen Caissie and LaMountain were in there along
with a small contingent of veterans.  In Webster no vets at all
were seen however the usual multitude of fire trucks
The Olney Girls found 50+ baby grubs in lawn in the area of the
weeping cherry tree.
Two inches of rain fell in late afternoon and evening.
In shirt-sleeve weather as seen on C-Span the ceremonies at
Arlington were fitting as usual altho the military band (Air
Force's turn this year it is suspected) varied from the customary
rousing "National Emblem March" this Memorial Day.  There was
seen love in the eyes of young folks in the audience for Dubya
Bush. The C-in-C was accompanied by his honored Laura and
Secretary Rumsfeld + wife.
Have we noticed the truncated hand salute of Air Force General
Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?  A
first-day recruit is required to do better.  Who is going to tell

Tuesday 27
One mouse was found in the bathroom-closet trap.
Sunshine was seen in late afternoon and the neighboring Olney
Girls mowed lawn.

Wednesday 28
At the Shaw's Market the only dignitary seen was Bernie Szwarc
who came striding along to sit on an outdoor bench in the sun.
The dapper gentleman reported that his driver's license was
successfully renewed on-line in his 92nd year however will have
to submit himself to an RMV office at the age of 97.  Bernie is
the survivor of eight children including a brother who was a
physician.  With a wry look he then added, "I never worked too
hard you know; I had a t*t job." (That could have been armory
custodians' lingo.)  Well he was complimented that his building
was always kept in first class condition; Top Sgt. Baker said so.

Thursday 29
JWL reports being chewed out by a male OPD dispatcher when at
0620 he reported a DMV with hood up in front of Crowley's because
he dialed 911 instead of the long number.
At 1300 lawn mowing commenced hoping for just riding - no
repairing.  On the third lap it was apparent that on the second
lap only a 1-foot swath had been cut in the center of the 3-foot
mower deck.  Removal of the deck revealed that RXP's spring had
failed.  A hook had snapped off this substantial coil spring
which normally keeps tension on the idler pulley (which is
supported by Bud's cherry lumber).  A new hook was cold-bent.
Replacing the deck was not so easy so neighbor Bob (mowing
himself) gave a mighty heave to move the sumbitch into position.
As Roseanne Roseannadanna's father said, "It is always something
After that while dining, two never-before-seen "young ladies"
about twelve years of age were seen walking thru the back yard.
Beside the garage they halted, sat down and commenced cleaning
out a good-sized backpack.  A plastic bottle of about one-quart
capacity was kicked against the building.  A snack in a bag was
being eaten.  Soon they headed for the street and came within
range so were asked if they had not forgotten their bottle.  Two
transmissions were necessary for this concept to register.  "Oh
yah," the kicker said and retrieved the bottle.  We did not learn
much there.

Friday 30
Marty, Sr., N1YQC, SK, left us two years ago this day and took
the otw barber Paula with him to the promised land.  Marty was
related to the Corn Man, you know.
Your editor dined at Scales which was the ol' boy's favorite fish
& chips maker.. He had the ability to ascertain if fish is cod or
haddock.  He surely would have rated it still at five stars
according to Bud_Log standards.
The Olney Girls now own a piggyback plant.

Saturday 31
Being an E-3 a new word 'aiguillette' or 'aglet' was learned
today meaning the cord worn over the right shoulder of a military
aide.  Five such aides representing all services are assigned to
the President one of whom is designated to be with the C-in-C 24
hours per day carrying the "nuclear football" which is a
briefcase containing about fifty pounds of classified codes to
connect to the Pentagon to fire weapons.  The President himself
carries a credit-card-size document of codes.  BJ Clinton lost
his for a period of days and was unconcerned (it was never found
even among the Rose Law Firm billing records which were conjured
on a coffee table).  In managing assets in support of the White
House these aides oversee a staff of more than 3,000 military who
are responsible for all communications such as radio, telephone
and computers.  Motorcade drivers are Army personnel.  Medical
corps doctors and nurses are military officers.  Aides control
all presidential travel including Air Force One and the USMC
helicopter fleet.  Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz"
Patterson (Ret.) who carried the "football" in the years
1996-1998 was seen on C-Span speaking about his book.

Sunday 1 June
There is 1.5" of rainfall in the giant Budette gauge.
Nobody was heard on the Bud_Net altho Lee called many times.  It
was hard to find any signal on 40 meters.
K1WGA submitted a report from SC:

Just came back after a quick 35 mile ride on the Honda, and it is a
really beautiful day; breezy and in the high 70's. We never got the
severe wx yesterday, just a little shower at nightime. CUL...Ken

KA1SRZ submitted traffic:
To: MickeyM311@aol.com, JimKD1BX@aol.com, k1keg@cox.net, w1pa@hotmail.com,
Subject: SRZ Mobile (Truck)
From: Ronfisher1@aol.com
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 16:27:49 EDT

I've been mobile srz for 4 days but haven't received an answer on the Bud repeater.
Is it still working ??Maybe nobody listens to it anymore.


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