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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-09-03
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-09-03
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 05:54:33 -0500
To: "Bud_Log Mailing List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 3 November 2003
High temp today was 80 and was forecast as 58.  Norway maple
leaves are carpeting the yards.
Ralph added to the Burg-o-Rama saga:
To: k1otw@att.net
Subject: Re: Hey JWL, do U think that Billy will honor this burger ad?
From: rfhowe@webtv.net (\( Ralph & Mary\))
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 17:34:50 -0500 (EST)

otw: This add was back when my wife's brother-in-law had it. Bob Clark
he sold to Billy....

Tuesday 4
A Bud_Log correspondent in Dudley, Ray, reports that Jay Leno
mentioned Carl's Diner for its newspaper ad: "Mention this ad for
free ice water".
(Note that ex-Governor Dukakis would be proud.)
Dave Letterman has attained fatherhood; name of son is Harry:
Dave did not want "a kid who dumps".
Despite his ridicule of the Hollywood lefty parents who do not
marry, Dave neglected to do so in a timely manner himself. A graphic designer drew up a dual purpose walker/stroller for
Dave's future use.
According to Bud_Light, Billy denied that the 35-cents-hamburger
ad (from 1963) was his:

     Oh, where did you get the AD for burg-a-rama .Billy said it must've been before he bought the place.He did not remember it.What was the year it was printed and the occasion Please??


PS. He did not honor the deal as he said it wasn't his AD .

At the Selectmen's Meeting the Oxford Assessor stated that real
estate tax bills to arrive within a week have increased to the
tune of $298 on the average home.  We suppose that saying '300
BUCKS' might sound like a large figger!  After "full revaluation"
for the 2005 fiscal year we can expect a whopping increase since
"the State" allows 90% of full valuation.  For those property
owners who are unable to do maintenance the value (in The Hall)
still rises due to neighbors' sales.  Isn't that special?
Your editor had a suspicion that the promised 80% rebate on
school building was elusive.  We have to pay it all.  When in the
big-spending mode Engineer Zeneski was heard to say that it is
"free money".  Those young fellers may not have heard the classic
joke about the free lunch.  As Selectman Gallant once pointed
out, if the 80% funds are ever rebated in future decades there is
no provision to compensate Oxford taxpayers who bore the brunt.
Except under Bill Weld no tax has ever gone down.

Wednesday 5
We have 1/2 inch of rain on this foul weather day.
At the Cahill Estate to deliver the circus tape there was a long
blue Lincoln parked on the front lawn.
"The Boys" never bark anymore.  It looks like Murphy was the guy
who heard the trespasser on porch and sounded off, joined by his
son Randall.  Being an old-timer Murphy's hearing is not so hot
At 1700 Bud was guiding Commander John Dalton, USN (Ret.), now
President of IPG, to the high school where the former Secretary
of the Navy was to speak at an NJROTC awards ceremony. (Bud
associates with some big guns!)

Thursday 6
It looks like another 1/2 inch of rainfall.
In Quakertown the leaves are soaked also.
White Mountain Cable workers had Corning cable looped around your
editor's front lawn and driveway this morning as it was slowly
being hauled up onto the poles.  The fellow in charge of
"looping" set out orange cones, hauled out a sandwich and tanked
up then sat on the rock in front of the Saad's fence to take a
nap with hood-covered head in bowed position and legs stretched
into the street.  Our Head_Bud might have been proud to know

Friday 7
At the Shaw's Market the Vanilla Coke bottles were refunded with
a smile.  The lady stated that other customers were bamboozled
when a new Coke guy juggled varieties from their usual locations
on shelves.  A $5 coupon was redeemed for purchasing $20 in
health and beauty products.  Did you get that JWL: health and
BEAUTY items?
Dr. Guarnieriani's new office has lines painted on pavement and
lawns are being worked on.
This evening your editor dined at Billy's on the usual two (2)
fish & chips dinners using an old gift certificate carefully
scrutinized by the gentleman who is the waiter on Fridays.  Now
these certificates are not supplied in a fancy envelope as on the
Letterman show; these are undated and handwritten on a generic
A Lafayette KT-135 Receiver 1961, new in box, was purchased by
our Head_Bud on ebay.  Such a kit was built by the budding ham in
the 60's. (See 30S1CAP.JPG)
At WA3KEY Norm has been working on the Collins 176-pound 30S-1
which is a genuine boatanchor.  Sleuthing revealed a
semiconducting .01uF disc capacitor with a hole burned thru and
an internally-arcing 10 ohm, 12 watt wire-wound resistor.  This
venerable amplifier "was demonstrated pegging a 1KW Bird
wattmeter".  Arthur Collins would be proud.

Saturday 8
At 0130 the OPD checked out two guys at the Oxford Auto Auction
lot.  They were looking for a car purchased on ebay.  Hmmmm.  We have done our best to eliminate quietude and darkness
now are working on any rest from 24-hour commerce..
Today is 40 with blustery NW wind relocating the abundant
At 1115 K1JWL, USAF (Ret.) on the Bud_repeater (quite a rare
honor) passed along important historic information from Jimmy
Butler met in Carl's Diner and then lost audio.  We learned that
there was an early Post Office in the Ballard Building which also
housed Hey's Department Store and now is the site of Oxford
Norm worked 8 hours in temps <40 without breaks hauling 8 loads
of difficult wet leaves.  That brings this year's interim tally
to 32 trailers.  An average year is 45.
Jim KD1BX submitted the following entry: Dinner at the Whistle Stop was sirloin steak with chicken &
seafood basket for "the bride".  Milk might have been added; one
goes to the Chinese place for the Mai Tai, Chickencutter and
Suffering Bas*ard, etc.
The eclipse was rather fuzzy and just as predicted at maximum

Sunday 9
Norm and Lee were on the Bud_Net.
WPX's delicious dinner was steak with oven-roasted spuds, green
beans and homemade corn bread from the oven of Mr. Ray who grinds
his own corn using a recipe possibly handed down from the
Wampanoag Indians who taught the Pilgrims.  Trusty neighbor Mr.
Ray is helping with the fall chores.
When sunbeams made prismatic colors in the great room Precious
tracked the source to the west window being a crystal "bee".
Precious let the "insect" have it, knocked it off its shelf and
the right wings need epoxification so is on the bench curing
after Step 1.
Having unquestionably attained his level of incompetence your
editor had stored a dual-tube dispenser of epoxy upside down
hanging in its blister package so the entire tube of one of the
components was lying in a puddle at the bottom of the blister.
Following the example set by KEY there was a spare in stock in
the cupboard.
According to WPX, Dr. Guarnieriani's office has been moved to the
new place on Cudworth Road in Webster; this may account for the
phones being out of order and duly reported on Friday.

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Lexmark Z53 Inkjet Printer  $20
Epson 1650 Flatbed Scanner  $30

These belong to WPX and were replaced by an All-in-One.  They
were used little so are like new with original packing, manual,
software, etc.  Contact wa1wpx@charter.net or k1otw@arrl.net.

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Hallicrafters SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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Perfection:     *****       Billy's Burg-o-Rama
                           Carl's Diner
                           Scales Seafood & Ice Cream, Millbury
                           Colonial Restaurant, Webster
                           Twin Oaks, Sterling
                           Wright's Chicken Farm, Nasonville, RI
                           Ronnie's Clam Shack, Auburn/Charlton
                           O'Connors Restaurant, Worcester
                           Bugaboo Creek, Shrewsbury
                           Weintraub's Delicatessen, Worcester
Very Good:      ****        P&D Pizza
                           Chowder Bowl, Webster
                           East Main Street Cafe, Webster
                           The Whistle Stop
                           Ethan's Pizza, Webster
                           Skip's Restaurant, Chelmsford
                           Pizza Post
Good:           ***         Periwinkle's, Auburn
                           Friendly's, Webster
Below Par:      **          Subway
Serious Flaws:  *           New England Pizza