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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 04-27-04
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 04-27-04
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 12:25:26 -0500
To: "Bud_Log Mailing List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 22 March 2004
The Brooks Drug and Villager Store for Holmberg Hoagies were
Abundant sand was swept from the front walk under breezy

Tuesday 23
The board approved a new Bud_ship today: Bud_Eight, Ron K1VSC,
USN Seabees (Ret.).  Welcome aboard young feller!
A couple of weeks ago that was just a joke about Rosie O'Donnell
setting up a gift registry at Home Depot.  Truth is stranger than
fiction and today it was announced that Home Depot is announcing
an on-line bridal gift registry.
Pepa, trusty chihuahua of the VVS Family in Dudley, is thought to
have dined on a rabbit turd and rendered herself ill.  Carolyn
has spoken to the pet without heed.  Buddy also exhibits this
proclivity.  Coco the poodle set the example.  Poor Buddy is
losing high-frequency hearing.
It was learned that VVS and father attended the flea market in
Pomfret on Saturday and purchased wire plus two color monitors.
GIS was said to be on the scene as well.
At 3:07 PM IPG underwent a silent inspection.  There are a
record-high number of autos in the lots.  Nobody at picnic table.
The plant manager's Toyota was in its slot.  JD's slot was empty
(they might not get much out of that guy).  At 3:30 PM it appeared that Bud_Light was driving on Fremont
without ears on however they were on and he had to speak to a
canvasser down on Bird Court.

Wednesday 24
Weather was a beautiful spring day with temp nearly 60.
No dignitaries were met at Shaw's Market.
For the record a 500-foot roll of stretch-tite ran out put into
service 10-31-02.
How can the EU fine Microsoft $600M for bundling MediaPlayer in
Windows when it is FREE?  Don't use it if RealAudio or QuickTime
is preferred.

Thursday 25
This morning temp is >50.
Fremont Street was swept again.
WRKO broadcasts the "Rush Limbaugh Show" delayed 20 seconds after
the WTAG signal.
Hmmmm, wonder if a local station will carry the upcoming liberal
"O'Franken Show".
You folks over 40 may remember when a furniture store delivered
"next week" or similar interval.  Bernie & Phyl's recently began
a "next day" policy.  Rotman's is now advertising delivery the
same day if a purchase is made before 3:00 PM for items in its
The Bud_Log Mailing List issued a cancellation of subscription
today to a subscriber requesting no more "hate" e-mail perceived
in the true story on 'Ann Margaret and her gentlemen' which ended
in a passing reference to documented traitor Jane Fonda.

Friday 26
Today is glorious with temp of 72.  Spring!
Your editor was lucky when the hinge spring in the right earpiece
of the spectacles failed.  The previous specs kept on bench in
the cellar (for tightening screws in new specs) happened to have
a good spring in the proper part so was shortly exchanged not
even losing a screw somehow.
Lone commentator Donald Barnhouse of WFMZ-TV on the subject of
outsourcing said that we insource plants such as Honda and
Toyota.  Samsung is building a $500M fab in Texas.  "The
Organization for International Investment keeps track of all this
and the fact is we import more jobs than we export."

Saturday 27
It was surprising to learn that Wal*Mart is the nation's top
grocer.  Albertson's has purchased 202 Shaw's and Star Markets
owned by Sainsbury based in England.  Stop & Shop the largest
supermarket chain in New England is a division of Royal Ahold
N.V. of the Netherlands.
We know that BJ's sells food also; WPX has bought nice meat in
Some subscribers >40 will recall how easy it was to go into Karl
Cheney's First National Store or Mr. Mara's A&P where the
proprietor hooked a box of Wheaties off a top shelf catching in
one hand.  Using only a pencil and a mind the total was added up
in a single pass (from bottom up) on the side of a paper sack.
Plastic bags were not SOP unless rejected then.
For the record, in those days the name 'Cheney' was pronounced
Ladybugs are appearing along with one horsefly today.

Sunday 27
The Bud_Net starring WA3KEY and WB3CUU/1 was not heard long due
to dinner call just as long-lost Bud_Keg began a transmission.
W3SON is expected to return north this week.
WPX's dinner was an OTW favorite: three Polish meatballs, oven
roasted spuds, beets and rolls.  Mr. Naramore was enjoying the
NASCAR race, 500 laps.  His humor was evident in a joke regarding
the Viagra Ford.  Precious was said to be acting strange and she
was asleep on a pillow on the bed.

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Palomar Linear Amplifier. It is on 10-15-20-40 meters.
It will put out on CW 400 watts with only 10 watts in. It has a
20 DB amplifier to increas signal strength, and a hi 7 low power
switch, with AM & Sideband. It has (6) 6KD6's in the final (2)
driving (4) in the final. It has an external power transformer
connected to the linear. I am asking $200 for it.
Gene K1GIS genejazz@webtv.net

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Hallicrafters SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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