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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 09-25-05
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 09-25-05
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 02:24:35 -0400
To: Bud_Log Mailing List

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 19 September 2005
At the Shaw's Market a 5-pound bag of potatoes was free due to a
$50 purchase.  The 5% discount was also taken so 70 more points
for somebody.  The 2-for-1 Kraft American Cheese was not seen in
its empty shelf space in the cheese section.  Your editor went
for a rain check before checking out and was informed that the
offer IS in stock but "in the end cap".  END CAP?  Your editor
was not about to return to the northeast corner again with frozen
food on board so said, "To heck with it" altho strong language.
No dignitaries were met today.
WPX worked at the office where Pt Sgt. Baker asked the doctor if
he might hug his schoolmate; permission was granted for a short
one.  The fair Mrs. Baker was there also.
Mr. Ray's giant tomato provided four thick slices which overhung
fresh slices of Home Pride bread.  A splendid tomato sandwich was

Tuesday 20
Bud_Light from Myrtle Beach (on vacation again) reports seeing
two couples setting up a Redneck Horseshoes Game on the beach
(photo not supplied).
Our Head_Bud checked in and is mighty busy even a tour guide now
for VIP's.  Trees have been felled for the gas line to Fabrico
and there is an excavation to the French River.  It is time to
sign the plowing contract already.

Wednesday 21
Today was Pratt Trash Day on Fremont Street.
At 1:00 PM a Massachusetts Inspection Sticker was applied to the
otw auto at O'Malley's Garage in Charlton.  Only the safety
inspection was required this year.  Jim Dixon the inspector was
taking his test online; the inspectors must be recertified every
three years.  A comment was made that the otw auto is "getting
some holes".
Neighbor Bob was painting the porch railing and gingerbread.
That beard is fitting for a painter.
A visit was made to Easy Street with a slew of clementines from
Chile; these are very juicy but hard to peel and pulp is hard to
eat.  Those from Morocco still take the prize.
GKI worked late in Beantown returning at 2200.  We learned that
Jay was always a good eater having been a ten-pounder and from
the get-go was not satisfied with baby formula so began eating
Uh, oh!  The Yankees are now 1/2 game ahead over the Red Sox.

Thursday 22
The following exchange with vacationing Bud_Light Fisher took
place on AIM:

budlightlaptop: Hi OTW, the weather has been great this week in the 90s all week so far.A little hot but real nice beach weather.
budlightlaptop: talk to ya latter
K1OTW: Tnx for report Light.  GL

For the record this annual Myrtle Beach vacation is of duration
two weeks.
WPX reported that her trash collection bill increased by $6.  It
is believed that WPX could be over 40 so gets the senior discount
already from her trucker.
On Ch.5's "Chronicle" we learned that when Manny Ramirez opens
the door in left field (where Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski
once played) and goes into the Fenway scoreboard that he just
chats with the low-tech scorekeepers back there.  Two young
fellers doing the RHE watch the game thru a slot in the wall and
post wooden panels with numbers painted on them.  These hang on a
peg or something above their heads.  The masonry walls are
covered with autographs dating back to Jim Piersall.

Friday 23
An otw spider plant has put out a long reproductive appendage and
has established a new plant in an adjoining pot containing a
piggyback plant.  At Reggie's Gas Station 13 gallons of regular cost 40 bucks with
no smile from Bud_Getty.  Even Reggie himself was pumping.  A
tanker was filling tanks in midstream.  Regular is posted at
$2.899 today.
IPG was inspected and much new activity observed.  A basketball
hoop atop its sizeable concrete base lies in a refuse heap.  With
trees removed one can see into the Fabrico site.  There was no
one lollygagging around at the picnic tables.  The Head_Bud's
command vehicle was not sighted.
The Custom House http://www.iboston.org/mcp.php?pid=customHouse
was just shown on TV with blue lights aglow an indication of fair
weather no doubt.  The Red Sox are ahead by 6-3 in the bottom of
the 9th inning.  The Orioles batter is chewing bubble gum.  The
Red Sox pitcher is wearing a gold necklace.  Three outs - the Sox
are victors!  The hated Yankees won also however.

Saturday 24
Sister Carol in Cow Hampshire has a turkey family residing around
the house: 2 adults and 4 young ones originally 5.
The Olney Girls are setting up their outdoor autumnal display.
Dummies and cornstalks are strapped in place.  Mums are added.
There are some pumpkins in there.  They are artistic ladies.
Perhaps Michaelangelo and Da Vinci stood back and made
adjustments in a similar manner.
The groaning of an OTW computer fan when first energized is a
sign of autumn along with the carpet of leaves on front lawn from
a hard maple.  A Norway maple has an abundance of helicopter
seeds aloft.
The new Neopolitan Grille & Buffet near the K-mart was reviewed
today and rated at five stars pronto.  The cool midget carrots
were the greatest shortfalling.  The hardest task there is to
choose from the multitude of first-class menu items.  Tomato
sauce and meatballs were excellent.  Mashed potato and roast beef
were excellent.  The carved meat varies between beef, ham, turkey
and prime rib.  Makin's of a salad were top notch including tasty
cole slaw.  Chocolate, butterscotch and grape nuts puddings plus
whipped cream were nearly sinful.  No problems were found.
Italian food lovers will be in heaven.  The cost of the buffet is
$15 and items can be ordered a la carte (did not see individual
prices).  Our Costa Rican waiter was on his first USA job.
Atmosphere was quiet.  Building facilities were found shipshape.
"My biggest disappointment was that I only had room for 2
Jay and Shana are to test the Sunday brunch.
Following this pleasant experience the N1GKI shack was visited
where a station was worked and logged on RTTY by pushing two
buttons.  GKI runs the HF station most often remotely from the
house.  A historic Gonset III and a G-50 were seen on a shelf;
both once belonging to K1NEM.  The Wilson WE-800 is now up there
also.  GKI is high tech.  Playful Trot, Rocco and Sir Slater
(kitties) along with Bun Bun a rabbit (he is black) were visited.

Sunday 25
WPX has four (4) sports to watch on TV today.  A PIP would be
On 40 meters the Bud_Net ran for one hour or so with good signals
from WA3KEY, K1NFE and WB3CUU/1 sounding good.  Those guys know
what they are talking about.
The Red Sox won 9-3 listening on WEEI radio here.  The pin
stripers also won.  The Patriots soon won.  Kicker Adam Vinatieri
saved the day again.  WPX had a driver LePage in the NASCAR race.
(In B Company we had Hector LePage.)

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FREE for removal
60-foot original WORC transmitting tower of radio pioneer Alfred
Kleindienst Moved from original station site on Emerald Avenue
Former tower of the late W1LIB on Union Point in Webster
Angle iron construction
Due to pine trees it will have to be taken down piece by piece

Pse reply to OTW or directly to:
"Ernie Benoit Jr." <ernieb@charter.net>
508-943-8804 home
774-230-3138 cell

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Hallicrafters SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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                          Carl's Diner
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                          Colonial Restaurant, Webster
                          Twin Oaks, Sterling
                          Wright's Chicken Farm, Nasonville, RI
                          Ronnie's Clam Shack, Auburn/Charlton
                          O'Connors Restaurant, Worcester
                          Bugaboo Creek, Shrewsbury
                          Oxfords Casual Dining
                          Weintraub's Delicatessen, Worcester
                          Outback Steakhouse, Auburn
                          Longhorn Steakhouse, Millbury
                          The Publick House
                          Firehouse Pub & Restaurant, Webster
                          Rom's Restaurant, Sturbridge
                          Dudley House of Pizza, Dudley
                          Neopolitan Grille & Buffet, Webster
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                          Chowder Bowl, Webster
                          East Main Street Cafe, Webster
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                          Pizza Post
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                          Point Breeze Restaurant, Webster
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                          Friendly's, Webster
                          New England Pizza
                          The Coffee Hop
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