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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 01-15--06
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 01-15--06
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 01:28:04 -0500
To: Bud_Log Mailing List

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 9 January 2005

Tuesday 10
Good news!  At 1130 in Holden the left eye of Phyllis was
unveiled with excellent vision resulting.  Soon thumbs were up in
the waiting room with someone stating, "You are a good man Dr.
Pabley."  "Thank you" was heard in return.  With a new specs Rx
in a month Phyllis ought to be an eagle-eyed bingo and poker
player once again.
Following this the WPX lunch was in the Holden Friendly's where
meatloaf is unfortunately still available according to WPX's
bingo buddy/waiter.  A Big Beef in both cases was judged
wonderful and WPX cleaned her plate of fries.  What a good
toasted bun!  WPX had tea being so proper.  Your editor enjoyed
the first vanilla frappe (now called a  milkshake) in years.  It
cost $3.99 which was a new sticker shock however was excellent
and probably a whole day's needed calories.  A $3 newspaper
discount coupon helped here.
Soon it was time to get to Natick the next appointment with the
high-tech chiropractor which is not resolved.  Bud_Houston take note:
The building of Ewen Knight Corporation a former employer of otw
is now a giant U.S. Post Office.  The "Frontiers of Electronics"
no longer overlook the East Natick Industrial Park.
The Olney Girls presented your editor with freshly made warm
tapioca pudding which was a fine treat at the end of a day.  A
slice of meat pie is yet to be tested.
BTW, WPX was unaware that her gas pumper is Bud_Getty.

Wednesday 11
The Olney Girls' trash bucket was loaded with about a half dozen
carpets sticking up as if a rocket launching platform.

Thursday 12
Today's birthdays: The amazing Kreskin is 71.  Radio commentator
Rush H. Limbaugh is 55.
The temperature in Oxford today rose to 55 as measured on a
Taylor alcohol-powered, indoor-outdoor, analog thermometer
purchased at good ol' Spag's Supply long ago before the days of
shopping carts when a customer selected a suitable cardboard box
from those discarded in the aisles by stockers which not long ago
contained incoming merchandise.  Spag was "ahead of the curve" in
Phyllis at the neurosurgeon today reported no pain for a few
days.  Such 'spontaneous resolution' was said to happen often.
She will not be going to the high-tech chiropractors in East
Natick in this case.
WPX' dinner was in Weintraub's Delicatessen which was empty at
5:30 PM yet another couple did appear in a few minutes.  "Mash"
was playing on the tube with Corporal Klinger and the gang.  What
a shame we thought that the young folks are stumbling over each
other at fast food places even speaking into boxes while the
savory ethnic delights go wanting.  Even a classic indoor
telephone booth still works in there as verified by the waitress.
Your editor ordered a cup of red cabbage soup while WPX ordered a
matzoh ball in chicken soup.  That was the best soup ever altho a
bit cool.  A basket of bread and crackers was served altho left
untouched.  Both diners enjoyed a pastrami on dark rye.  The beef
was flavorful and bread fresh with character in the crust.  Slap
some of that deli mustard on and it was a rare treat.  Is this a
great country or what?
Two votes were phoned-in for Giselle and partner on "Dancing with
the Stars" during the allowed thirty minutes.  An on-line vote
was considered but there was a big megillah of registration

Friday 13
An Olney Girl delivered a slice (1/4 cake) of beautiful 3-layer
chocolate cake with white frosting (an otw favorite).  They are
entertaining house guests this weekend.
The cloud deck settled upon us again so a Scales visit was
postponed for another week.  Fish & chips tastes best on a
Friday, you know.

Saturday 14
We had plenty of rain at night and the free-standing snow is
gone.  A high temp of 60 was observed.
Phyllis was sad to see the Patriots' loss but stated that it was
Traffic from Bud_Light follows:

To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: Re: Bud_Light Fisher landing in Phoenix...
From: Ronfisher1@aol.com
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 22:49:57 -0500 (EST)

Hi Howie,
we are now in Hawaii and its about 80 and humid.We will be going out  for a sunset dinner cruise and whale watch of the coast.I'll try and send  acouple pics.
 bye for now ,Budlight

Sunday 15
An inch of snow fell at night now in blustery frigid conditions
No one was heard at the 1300 Bud_Net appointed time so a group in
Raleigh, NC was tuned in.  One feller asked another if he has
'shoulderless critters' in the yard.  This term was not
understood for a while then was explained to mean snakes and
water moccasins were put forth.  Anyone with a 'D' in callsign
used the phonetic word DOG.  They all sound like Strom Thurmond.
When the subject turned to lunch, 'grits' was mentioned
frequently.  Foreign broadcasts were rampant.
Phyllis is rooting for the Steelers to be defeated today.
On AIM at 1744 it was learned from our Head_Bud that the Bud_Net
was actually only one minute in length due to the band's being
open; your editor was two minutes late.
At midnight it's a chilly 8 Fahrenheit.

----------------------  TECHNICAL COLUMN  ----------------------

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Yaesu FT-897D multiband, multimode transceiver
As new purchased from AES on January 31, 2005. This rig was used possibly a couple of times by Dennis K1VSG, SK
The XYL of Dennis is asking $700 offered to local hams.
Call Cheryl at 508-987-5827
or E-mail zoniavsg@aol.com

Yaesu FT-470 dual band HT. Two batteries, battery eliminator, AA battery pack, couple of
antennas, car adaptor and case.
Radio is in excellent shape...
Price $125

AMERITRON AL-80B NEW JUST BURNED IT TUBE not modified   $1000.00 KENWOOD TMD700 Latest upgrade model                      $400.00
HIPAR 3 ele 6 MTR HILLTOPPER BEAM fold up beam           $100.00
CUSHCRAFT 10 ele 144/440 beam w/ power divider           $100.00
SONY KU BAND MPEG Sat receiver Free to the air over 200 channels of neat stuff
UNIDEN 4400 SUPER C BAND Sat receiver Analog 1000 channels of Free neat stuff
Wooden Filing cabinet Two Drawer
Computer Desks
Radio Op desk
Book Case (Wood very nice)
Lots of Christmas Decorations for the house inside and out (Santa
Sleigh and Deer)
Wood Working Shop
25 HP Garden Tractor with trailer and tow behind sprayer tank 48"
cut and bagger
Several weed whackers working and some fixable

I have for sale a Laptop works great, 286 processor 12 mhz 20 meg HD
great for mobile or portable packet
Best Offer
Beautiful home on 2.61 acres of prime land 523 elev clear views,
Town of Pomfret will permit towers, set back 400 ft off road,
great neighbors (don't mind radios), pool, lots of trees for wire
antennas, 2 mile from downtown Putnam, 1/2 mile from Hospital yet
country all the way.

2.4 ghz telephone system
5.8 ghz telephone system
Lots of furniture, some new, all mint

I have free to for the taking
C-band Analog Sat receiver with descrambler 400 channels
Ku-band MPEG Sat receiver FTA 200 plus channels
    SM8 Mike
    Bencher Non-Iambic Paddle
    AMERITRON AL-80B AMP (3-500G Tube Burned in only,
    never on the air)
    All equipement Anderson Power Poled
    Recently purchased at over $4800.00
    Firm price of $3200.00


PH  860-928-1219
FAX 860-928-2683
CEL 860-942-3632
Email  k1vsc@yahoo.com

FREE for removal
60-foot original WORC transmitting tower of radio pioneer Alfred
Kleindienst Moved from original station site on Emerald Avenue
Former tower of the late W1LIB on Union Point in Webster
Angle iron construction
Can be removed with the help of a crane.
Some pine tree limbs need trimming.

Pse reply to OTW or directly to:
"Ernie Benoit Jr." <ernieb@charter.net>
508-943-8804 home
774-230-3138 cell

   ---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Hallicrafters SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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Secret Freq.   = 147.435
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Perfection:     *****      Billy's Burg-o-Rama
                          Carl's Diner
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                          Colonial Restaurant, Webster
                          Twin Oaks, Sterling
                          Wright's Chicken Farm, Nasonville, RI
                          Ronnie's Clam Shack, Auburn/Charlton
                          O'Connors Restaurant, Worcester
                          Bugaboo Creek, Shrewsbury
                          Oxfords Casual Dining
                          Weintraub's Delicatessen, Worcester
                          Outback Steakhouse, Auburn
                          Longhorn Steakhouse, Millbury
                          The Publick House
                          Firehouse Pub & Restaurant, Webster
                          Rom's Restaurant, Sturbridge
                          Dudley House of Pizza, Dudley
                          Neopolitan Grille & Buffet, Webster
Very Good:      ****       P&D Pizza
                          Chowder Bowl, Webster
                          East Main Street Cafe, Webster
                          The Whistle Stop
                          Ethan's Pizza, Webster
                          Skip's Restaurant, Chelmsford
                          Pizza Post
                          Hot Dog Annie's, Leicester
                          Michael's Place, Webster
                          Barbers Crossing, Leicester
                          Carmella's Italian Kitchen, Brookfield
                          Point Breeze Restaurant, Webster
                          99 Restaurant, Auburn
                          Piccadilly Pub, Worcester
                          Lake Pizza, Webster
Good:           ***        Periwinkle's, Auburn
                          Friendly's, Webster
                          New England Pizza
                          The Coffee Hop
Below Par:      **         Subway
Serious Flaws:  *

Perfection:     *****      Helgerson's Excavating (Title V)                            http://www.helgersonexcavating.com
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