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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-03-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-03-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 04:29:56 -0500
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Monday 28 May 2001

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Good-hearted Marty Meservey's earthly life ended this morning and
we trust that he has taken on the glorious spiritual body, free
of pain, as spoken of in the Scripture.  In apparently a great
coincidence our female Polish barber Paula on the street next to
Marty went to her reward on this day also.  Bud_Light suggested
that Marty is laughing at me because he took my barber with him
leaving me with "Fast Fingers" Freddie.

Marty, Sr.'s sincerity was obvious from the first day he came up
to me at Reggie's Getty Station while filling Ol' Betsy and
introduced himself being so proud that he had passed his
Technician License test so was a ham.  There was a slight
discrepancy in the FCC record of his birth date as quoted below
(which was reason for a laugh or two being a REALLY "Old Man").
Program v1.2 - 16 September 1996 -- Last database update 1997-02-28 12:19

N1YQC              MESERERVEY, MARTYN E                    LIC ISU 27-FEB-1997
TECH               1 BOUNTY RD                             LIC EXP 27-FEB-2007
DOB 17-NOV-1858    OXFORD               MA  01540-2426     LST UPD 27-FEB-1997

A couple of YQC's antenna and transmission-line theories might be
hard to find in "The Antenna Book" yet they all worked well.
Another milestone was being assigned the callsign of his
CW-operator father first issued in 1928: W1COU.  Assistance from
sister-in-law Margie enabled ascertaining the call.

The beautiful Butternut vertical antenna now owned by VVS came
via Marty, for the record.

He denied being suave but receptionists and waitresses were under
his charm.  "Go right in Marty; no need to see your credentials"
as Nurse Sharon has said.

Marty sometimes hid his lamp under a bushel yet often amazed us
with his wide knowledge and accomplishments.  Always a hard
worker, one of his last jobs was the limo driver; he knew how to
go anywhere in the northeast including routinely delivering
telephone trucks to New York City.  His sure touch on the wheel
resulted in a smooth and safe trip.  One time when there was much
talk of resumes among the Buds I listed Marty's experiences; he
felt that his record was so checkered that he asked that it not
be published then.  I remember a few occupations that he
performed and you are sure to agree that few of us could tackle
and perform them:

Worked on dairy farms
Drove Sterling chain-drive dump truck in a sandbank
Motor pool deuce-and-a-half driver in the U.S. Army
Traveled with the Cole Brothers Circus in U.S. and Canada
Welder at Haynes Welding in home town of Millbury
Cooling system service at McFee-Newton
Walters snowplow driver in town of Princeton
Truck driver for Robbins Sand & Gravel
Truck driver picking up bulk milk
Chef at the Waldorf Restaurant
Excursion bus driver
Shipper at Smith Ball Valve (where spine was injured)
Driver at Oxford Auto Auction
Roadside hotdog vendor
Aircraft finisher at the Oxford Airport (see MVC1.JPG)
Project Manager on the Bud Cahill Paving Project (see PM.JPG)

A favorite activity of this fatherly man was sitting by the front
door happily handing out candy to kiddies on Halloween.  The two
dogs and cat Fred were constant companions as he kept the home
fires burning for Sue and family.  He was able to identify a
surprising number of plants and birds.  One time we were at the
Masonic Home in Charlton and stopped beside the fence where a
mother horse and foal were grazing; Marty spoke to them and was
soon petting their heads proclaiming them well-cared-for animals.

Altho a little rough around the edges, you might say, Marty was
cultured, as I told him, since he preferred classical music of
the lively variety.  Bud_Light and I were forever dubbing music
CD's for the homestead.

Some of us thought that he resembled Babe Ruth (see TWINS.JPG).

Despite the need to limit sugar intake Marty was a good eater
voraciously enjoying life.  In Coney Island on our first visit
(he always steered me away from Hot Dog Annie's for an unknown
reason) I ordered three dogs and he four.  Well before my three
were finished he had returned to the counter for four more.  He
claimed this was okay since he drank Diet Coke.  The first four
dogs were "to start".  His youthful initials were said to be
carved into a booth back there.  Thanks to son Marty, Jr., we
enjoyed a couple of 5-star fish & chips dinners at the Scales
Restaurant.  BTW he never failed to clean his plate - so neat.
His home specialty was American Chop Suey spiced up with chunks
of greeb jalapeno peppers and "secret ingredients".  There I was
taught to eat it with a soup spoon for added efficiency.  Marty
was known to return to the kitchen for a second platterful.

Some years back he requested and was granted permission from the
Mrs. to go to Roxy's for a lap dance.  We never did go.  We also
never did ride the commuter train into Boston however were
scheduled to cross the new cable-span bridge across the Charles
when it opens in 2002 and go up Route 1 to dine at the Hilltop
Steakhouse in Saugus.

Bud_Light was reminiscing that he has known Marty since 1972 and
even then Marty was always listening, ready to help a motorist or
whatever.  His handle then was "Robin Hood" befitting his address
in the exclusive Sherwood Forest section of Oxford.  It will be
lonely on the secret frequency without trusty Bud_On_The_Side to
tell our observations to and in turn learn what is up regarding
weather or any other matter.

When we needed a thing or service Marty always knew somebody who
knew the brother-in-law of somebody and would truly give you the
shirt off his back.  As a matter of fact he gave everything away
yet how many of us with deeper pockets have ventured to take a
one-month Amtrak train journey to Klamath Falls to visit brother
Ralph and to see Las Vegas and the redwoods in California?  Brave
Marty was the best I have known at accepting this life's joys as
well as its slings and arrows.  His classic comment would surely
be: "I don't know what to tell ya!"

We are fortunate to have known you friend!

73 de otw and All_Buds

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