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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-08-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-08-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 09:49:42 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 2 July 2001
Washed the "new car" inside and out including scrubbed
Bud_KEG submitted photos from hot Florida: KEGPLUTO.JPG
Your editor did not even know that Chet Atkins was a ham:

ARLX008 "Mister Guitar," Chet Atkins, W4CGP, SK

QST de W1AW  Special Bulletin 8  ARLX008
From ARRL Headquarters 
Newington CT  July 2, 2001
To all radio amateurs
ARLX008 ''Mister Guitar,'' Chet Atkins, W4CGP, SK

Guitar picker, music legend and Amateur Radio operator Chester B.
''Chet'' Atkins, W4CGP, of Nashville, Tennessee, died June 30. He was
Known as ''Mister Guitar,'' Atkins hailed from East Tennessee and
began his musical career playing fiddle, but later earned his
reputation as a guitarist. He went on to become the most-recorded
solo instrumental musician in history.

Formerly WA4CZD, Atkins, a General licensee, obtained the vanity
call sign W4CGP in 1998--the suffix standing for ''certified guitar
picker.'' He was an ARRL member. He won 14 Grammy awards during his
career and was elevated to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1973.
He was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993 by the
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in part to recognize
his guitar-picking technique as well as his wide influence on music.
He had more than 100 albums to his credit.

In addition to his own success as a performer, Atkins helped launch
the careers of other notable performers. He is given primary credit
for developing the uptown Nashville Sound that helped country music
to compete with pop music.

In his later years of performing, he sometimes paired up with
musicians from the pop and jazz worlds and was a frequent guest on
the radio program ''A Prairie Home Companion.''

A funeral service for Chet Atkins will be held July 3 in Nashville's
Ryman Auditorium, which formerly served as the home of The Grand Ole
Opry where Atkins performed for many years.

More information on Chet Atkins is on the Chet Atkins, Mister Guitar
Web site http://www.misterguitar.com/index.html .

Tuesday 3
Bud_Houston and his brother visited Earl in UMass Hospital and
then partook of lunch at the nearby Brew City where food cost $15
and total came to $50.  There are 28 brands of beer on tap at a
temperature of 45 degrees F.  At last report they were heading
for the Legion Hall for further tap checking.

Wednesday 4th
A 131-pound Japanese man won the Nathan's hot dog eating contest
by inhaling 50 dawgs with buns in 12 minutes.

Thursday 5
Word came in from our ol' friend Phil K1JWL that his ham shack is
no longer fit to submit to the resurrected "QST" Messy Shack
Contest. (At one time it would have been a legitimate contender
as witnessed by Phyllis WA1WPX also.  Hi, hi!)
At 0700 your editor arose (staggered) and with front door being
open observed a fluffy blond cat sleeping on the porch near the
steps as if he/she belonged there.  Later your editor spoke to
the pretty animal who awoke, blinked looking at your editor,
analyzed the situation for a few seconds and ran off into the
neighbor's bushes.  A collar could not be seen in the long fur of
the well-cared-for kitty who might have been hunting chipmunks
and dozed off at the post.  Needless to say, it is hoped that the
feline is properly licensed in "The Hall" whose Cat Licensing Law
was duly passed and then reaffirmed 2x by a standing Town Meeting
vote of citizens including our intrepid Head_Bud on feet with the
"nays".  Commentary Section:
One can argue that this law certainly has worked however since
not a single case of a rabid kitty infecting a human has been
reported since passage (just as before the Law).  Your editor is
afraid that such voters would have chosen to remain in the bonds
of King George if they had lived in the revolutionary days.

Friday 6
The Oxford Web site is still out of order, for the record.
Between 2 and 3PM your Head_Bud was seen waving out his left
window on Harwood Street but there was no response to a radio
Bud_Light was replied to but did not hear OTW in Webster on the
secret frequency.
The Price Chopper had a large display of Snapple cases blocking
Aisle 1 but not including the otw favorite flavor: Lemonade. (Do
I look like I'd touch that Pink Lemonade?)  A YL shopper at the
Friendly Ice Cream cooler stated that you can have any flavor as
long as it is vanilla but the price at $1.99/half gallon is low
anyhow and "I am not surprised" then a fitting bad word.
Norm sent up FIREFLY.JPG the attached daylight photo of a
Quakertown firefly on the runway.

Saturday 7
OTW trimmed a swamp maple in the back yard restoring field of
fire back to the pond again.  A fine crop of algae was scrubbed
from the birdbath, not that its users appreciate a clean bowl
considering their manners.
Paraphrased traffic from Budette follows:
"Opening July 23rd" is a large sign in the window of the former
Paula's Barber Shop and a small "barber" sign is still up so it
looks like Oxford is to have hair-cutting service once again.
Bud reports that all rigs including HF are installed back in the
CUU pickup.
Sunday 8
The Bud_Net was overrun by local noise here but WB3CUU/1 and
WA3KEY were heard with reference to W3SON (one of Turkey Hill's
foremost customers).
It was learned from Jim today that his neighbor and Bud_Log
subscriber Earl has returned home from quite a stay at UMass
Hospital.  Earl is a relative of our ol' friend the late Sgt.
George O'Halloran who went ashore at Normandy on D-Day.
Carrying a key ring populated to nearly the size of that of the
1st sgt when a trucker, the Head_Bud took your editor on a guided
tour of the IPG campus (hard to think of a campus in Oxford)
overlooking the French River.  As you high techies may have
expected it was necessary to sign-in/out just like at DEC and to
run the OTW Hush Puppies thru an electric sweeper (with which
help was needed to switch ON which may explain why your editor
never got beyond Ken Olsen's lobby).  Wildlife seen were wild
turkeys (distinguished by being shorter than those in The Hall).
Canada geese were said to live near the IPG Lake but not visible.
A nest of tuttle eggs is cordoned off in the front lawn.  Your
editor was cautioned that this is all classified stuff, even the
AC line current figger seen on a digital meter, so about all that
can be said is that the friendly guard's name is Dave (whether
first, last or complete nomenclature must be left to conjecture).
It seems generic enough to observe that Bud has two (2) offices,
one with a dock for the laptop, and that high-tech compression
fittings using an O-ring now connect 1/2" copper tubing.
(Soldering was the fun part of plumbing.)
The new improved Cahill Museum of Functional Radio was also
toured with its neat antenna switches and restful blue walls.  Budette has a new giant tube which is very sharp; she can put the
Selectmen in the PIP (picture in picture for those in Rio Linda)
and turn OFF their audio.
It was observed that her computer tube also goes on "standby"
after some minutes of being idle..
Oh yes, "The Boys" are both in good order as was the only rugrat
seen: Bud_Daughter Sue with new Toyota.
The Colonial Restaurant where former Red Sox physician Dr. Pappas
dines has received two Bud_reviews:

Yes, we went to the Colonial last night, it was outstanding!!!  We had regular rolls and cinnamon rolls, salads were great, shrimp cocktail - yumm-o!, steaks all around, they even served fresh vegies - either yellow beans or an medley which had different squashes, etc. - I like squash.   Earns 5 stars.


Hey there OTW...just thought I'd comment on the wonderful dinner we had last night T the Coloial Restaurant.  Keg and I went with Bud and Budette and ate like royalty.  We had a terrific waitress...names "Sue" who took good care of us and had a great sense of humor.  I'd recommend the place to all Buds...for relaxed family dining..

Sign me, Mrs. Keg...or is it "Budette Keg"??



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Perfection:     *****           Billy's, Carl's Diner, Scales,
                               Colonial Restaurant
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Below Par:      **
Serious Flaws:  *               Friendly's, New England Pizza