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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-17-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-17-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:05:22 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 11 June 2001
E-mail permission was granted to reprint the following K1JWL
(Phil) story:
Pse refer to 36FORD.JPG.
                                                 18 April 1996

Once upon a time Oxford's Spinney family was on a trip to visit
"Ken's brother" in Canton. Their auto was a 1936 Ford 4-door
sedan, black in color, equipped with what were known as "suicide
doors" due to being hinged at the rear.

Heading east on Route 20 in Auburn just beyond the Route 12
junction suddenly from the back seat Gerry shouted, "Phil is
gone!"  Five or six-year-old Phil, a budding experimenter, had
unlatched his rear door while under way; it was snapped fully
open by forward motion and the youngster was cast up onto the
bank beside the highway. The sleeve of his Chesterfield overcoat
had caught on the door handle. The following driver stopped

Dr. Hale was not in his office so Dr. Fletcher was found. Phil
was pronounced uninjured and the second trip was uneventful.

                           ....as told to otw by Mayfred Spinney

Tuesday 12th
Phyllis WA1WPX has added a new level of computer literacy to her
resume by her work at Dr. Pabley's Oxford office.
Bud_Light sold a 1950's Heathkit CR-1 on the e-Bay as described
Subject: Heathkit Crystal receiver
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:55:27 EDT

Howir ,
That receiver got me $170.50 +8 s/h=total 178.50 unbelieveable.I'd never had thought it was that valuable.It was in a box of junk radio parts I picked up.

Pse refer to image MVC-021S.JPG.
Bud_Light's granddaughter Haley graduated from kindergarten
(which Bud_Light never even began).

Wednesday 13
The otw cassette-tape recorder was disassembled to give a sliding
switch a needed squirt.  While testing who were heard on the tape
but Phyllis WA1WPX calling collect from St. Thomas with a
bullethole thru the booth (thr operator found no humor in my
asking for her password), our Head_Bud from cold Kalispell, MT
and Marty, Sr. in the first QSO using the W1COU callsign and
later by "twisted pair" on the morning that they arrived in
Klamath Falls, OR.
Jim reported the following election results at the American
Legion Hall:
Post Commander:     Donnie Bilodeau
Sr. Vice Commander: Jim's brother who beat Carl Mitchell by 1
                   vote in a squeaker after a "dead tie"
Jr. Vice Commander: Greg Anderson our Bud_Selectman (Ret.)
Adjutant:           Jim Sergeant at Arms:   Jim's son by 2 votes                     (Total of 3 Haskells)
Thursday 14
Shortly after 1000 your shaggy editor found a "closed" sign in
the window of "Fast Fingers" Freddie's barber shop.  Fortunately
the Mrs. VVS had informed me of another shop on the Dudley line.
A lady in a gas station directed me to Peewee's in the same
building as Sandi's Restaurant.  This gentleman has been a barber
in Webster for 40 years and does not wear earrings, as we might
A 3-oz can of "Qwikboost" was "charged" to the otw A/C which has
been converted to R-134 refrigerant.  Judging by its effect the
only boost was to the accounts of the manufacturer and its
distribution chain..

Friday 15
Bud_Light left for vacation in NH.
P&D Pizza put out a decent pizza and fish & chips (haddock)
dinner in a preliminary test.

Saturday 16
Lee, Budette and "The Boys" were visiting Mom Cahill in Abington
Township, PA where 10.5" of rain fell..  As a young man Bud was a
member of the Willow Grove Rescue Squad mentioned in the
following news link:

Sunday 17
Seen in newspaper ad today: the new McDonald's MacBenedict.
Someday might we see the MacScrapple?
Update from Jim:
Bud_Log subscriber Earl Skeean suffered a serious heart attack
and is in UMass Hospital with laser surgery scheduled tomorrow.
Jim was saying that Earl probably needs a heart transplant.  Earl
is a relative of the late WWII vet George O'Halloran: good folks.


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