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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-24-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 06-24-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 06:50:42 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 18 June 2001
Bud_Light snapped the attached digitial photo MVC-010S.JPG of a
craft which passed over Bird Court.

Tuesday 19th
At 1000 Dr. Guarnieri's nurse Yvette unblocked the otw right ear
restoring stereophonic hearing as designed so that once again the
direction of sounds can be ascertained.
Nurse Naramore (WPX) was seen in Dr. Pabley's office running a
copier and showed off her new computer.  "It's a beauty", she was
told.  The doctor was so pleased with her going paperless that he
issued her a raise (figger unstated).
It looks like Bud's Dunkin' Donuts is in operation again.
Some weeks back ex-Selectman Farrar recommended that a plot to
the south of the Town Barn is ideal for the Cub Scouts'
vegetable-growing project.  Hmmmm, it seems like it should have
been tilled by this date in New England.
A bottled-water truck was parked on the sidewalk in front of 16
Charlton Street.
Bud_Light, having thrown-in the towel on Verizon ADSL, had
Charter TV cable Pipeline installed this morning.
On a northerly course the Mrs. VVS was sighted driving along
Oxford's main street in the 1978 Bronco.  She can shift like
Barney Oldfield.
Budette was seen in the Shaw's Market: a real housewife.  Her
buggy was lightly loaded at this point.
The AC of Shaw's HVAC system was on vacation, it felt.
Returning at ~2:30 PM passing Harwood Street I waved to a couple
of occupants of a truck which looked like the Bud_pickup altho
the reg. was not noted.  The "Clinton military salute" is not
easy to do either.  There was no hand response nor to a radio
At 3:45 PM a hearty "Tally Ho" was heard as Jim headed to the
Post Office to ensure that our mail goes through.  Toward making
the USPS First Class Mail service profitable your editor can say
that he does his part to stuff and return certain Business Reply
Envelopes, particularly from his "dating service" and smarmy loan
sharks.  It was learned from a fellow stuffer that the word
"PRIORITY" stamped on an envelope means to return ASAP.

Wednesday 20
Hmmmmm.  Our Head_Bud has not been heard on the air for a couple
of weeks.  Wireless telephone seems to be the favorite mode
At 1033 Bud_Light signed in and out heading north on Route 395.
At 1255 Bud_Light returned after checking an auto with son
Bud_Light, Jr.

Thursday 21
Summer begins today.
Norton Ghost is now working and looks like "the answer" to
backing-up computer data.
Norm sent up the attached HONYSUKL.JPG with the recollection that
the nectar in the yellow ones is sweeter than in the white.

Friday 22
Passing IPG today the sylvan grove was noted again and will be
even nicer with picnic tables.  To the north will be a new
Kingdom Hall and across the street is a Mormon Tabernacle.
KD1BX and KA1SRZ set up the Oxford Field Day antennae at the
Huguenot Monument.
The Quakertown WA3KEY Field Day effort was canceled this year by
unanimous consent of ALL club members due to the foul-weather

Saturday 23
At 1400 K1OTW in the ARRL Western MA Section was Contact #1 with
W1PA the 2001 Bud_Field_Day operation on Fort Hill in Oxford.
Just before 1400 our Head_Bud himself and his "exec" Bud_Light
stopped by for a large lend/leased gel-cell and the battery from
Ol' Betsy (long gone beyond Dave Farrar's fence after being
donated as a Christmas present).  It was suggested that Bud might
back up to the cellar door and the truck was observed driven
Jim's 9V battery failed in the keyer.
Chef Jim made spaghetti & meatballs for the evening meal;
breakfast was to be SOS.
At 1845 Don and Princess checked-in from the Field Day site -
from inside the Bud_camper as a matter of fact.
The wx was humid today but sunny cndx at this time.

Sunday 24
At 0830 a morning report was issued stating that Bud and Jim
(Bud_Houston) went to bed snoring like chainsaws.  Then Bill
(Bud_Oscar) fell asleep and woke both of them up so is still
Field Day champion.  There also were large bullfrogs.  This
report was made by Bud_Light, Executive Officer, of unquestioned
The entrance to the site was a little soft due to recent storms
as seen in attached image MVC-001E.JPG as an example of what hams
endure to test emergency readiness..
At 1155 camp was broken according to an announcement by
Bud_Light.  It was not the same without Bud_Keg participating; everybody
missed Keg.
At 1300 we Oxford Buds were standing by for the Bud_Net and it
appeared that the PA Buds had the day off.
You editor was not aware of the following hamship so could be
news to others also.
The ARRL Letter
Vol. 20, No. 25
June 22, 2001

* Space tourist Tito expresses appreciation to ARISS: Dennis Tito, KG6FZX,
the first so-called "space tourist" has written a letter of thanks to the
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) International Team.
"Now that I have returned to Earth and found my footing after nearly a week
of weightlessness, I wanted to write to you to extend my personal gratitude
for your assistance while I was aboard the International Space Station,"
Tito said. "Your help made it possible for me to share my deep feelings of
joy and fulfillment. I thank you very much for making my space flight so
much more meaningful for my family and me."--ANS


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