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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-18-02
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-18-02
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 04:52:45 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 12 August 2002
Today's high temp was 92 F which converts to 33 C down at the
IPG Campus where the metric system is used.
The Bud_Log has learned that K1BEL intends to upgrade possibly to
the 5 WPM Extra License.
Early this afternoon Mrs. VVS cut and extracted with pliers the
ingrown part of a big toenail (being a stalwart Polish person you
know).  While soaking the appendage in epsom salts she saw a
young fox coming up the driveway and the chickens all aflutter.
She chased the fox off into the woods by beating her broom
against trees, even breaking its handle.  Thinking that the
intruder would return she was unable to start the 4-wheeler and
would have had difficulty shifting the motorcycle-type gearbox
with the toe in question.  After chasing the fox a second time
into the woods on foot she left the lawnmower running after
defeating the Dukakis dead-man clutch lever.  Altho the
youngsters were taught by their mother to fly into a tree for
safety the poultry count at end of day indicated one bird absent
and not accounted for.  The dogs were safely in the house during
the fox episode.

Tuesday 13
According to cable Ch.12 today's Selectmen's Meeting has been
At 3 PM the temp is 95 here in Oxford.  According to advice on
WTAG from the DEP those with chronic respiratory diseases are
urged to reduce outdoor activities in afternoon and evening when
ozone levels are highest consequently your editor will not be
jogging. (Evidently those with acute stages of diseases can
exercise normally.)
A Duddie Ford radio commercial now is touting "zero zero percent
interest" said to be "nothing at all" which will save us up to
$6,000 in interest alone.  With our trade-in we could leave the
lot driving a new truck and making lower payments.  That guy is
unstoppable; your editor used to see him writing on chalkboards
standing beside Route 9 in Westboro offering to save us 2, 3 or
even 4 weeks' pay.
A new HP laptop was purchased at Wal*Mart by Bud_Light.
Bud did lunch at Billy's dining on two (2) hotdogs.  That old
air conditioner without a grill mounted in the back wall is still
in service.
A postcard dated 7 August arrived from the Olney Girls' vacation
in Myrtle Beach.  They go everywhere.
RONNIE'S.JPG is a newspaper ad by a Bud_Log reviewee.
Bud_Light and your editor had trouble with Juno today.  If unused
for two months an account is rendered inactive and a user must
access the mailbox by means of the Web page (tnx to Bud_Light) at
which time a message is seen stating that the account will be
immediately reactivated - which took about twelve hours.
At 2130 the birdbath was filled for the third time today in
outdoor temp of 81.

Wednesday 14
Today's high = 97.
We'll be looking for JWL on the Bud_Net since his TS-570 will be
along while vacationing in Nova Scotia right on the famous Bay of
Sgt. Harry Howard was heading for IPG so your editor speculated
that he could be one of the early retirees looking for a security
job.  Your editor was told twice in no uncertain terms that this
is incorrect.
Head_Bud was presented with a photo of the Blue Angels in flight
over the WTC signed by USN Commander John Dalton (Ret.) now
president of IPG.
Bud_Houston was heard at some point after dark going on a tap
Tnx to Brad the Bud_Log has learned of freeware named Trillian
which coordinates Instant Messengers ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.
Furthermore the Yahoo IM allows playing chess..

Thursday 15
Today's high = only 92.
Wasps were found residing inside the brass OTW back-door bell as
discovered when a caller operated the clapper.
TUB.JPG is a digital photo of three generations of Fishers in and
around the new hot tub: left to right are granddaughter Haley,
son Bud_Light, Jr., daughter Shelley (mother of little Haley) and
grandmother Beth.
Ames Department Stores are going out of business said to be
another victim of America's largest retailer the Wally*Mart as
happened to another OTW favorite: Caldor.  Your editor can
remember buying stuff in the original store in 1958 next to
Guido's shop (where VVS and Larry work) currently a Salvation
Army store.  One item was the first OTW tape recorder.  Japanese
products were junky in those days so reels did not stay on the
capstans and regulation of tape speed was poor.  For the record,
Home Depot is blamed for the demise of Herbie Pond Lumber Yard
and Cantwell Hardware.  Gatzke's Hardware still survives -

Friday 16
Today's high temp was 90 with dew point of 75 so not far from a
steam bath.
At 0215 Lee was at work on the IPG plumbing.  Dave was there at
0130.  The Alpine Hardware was asked to do an emergency opening
for 3/4" bolts, 2-1/2" in length due to a different flange.  At
0755 the project was completed ahead of schedule.
Here is an eyewitness report on Randall:
Hello OTW,

Randy is back from the Vets after having a few bad teeth out.  He is going to put his teeth under his pillow tonight and see what the tooth fairy brings.   He's hoping for a girlfriend.



Saturday 17
At 0712 Lee was paged on the cell phone by Bud_Oscar.  Returning
the call Oscar was driving a rented car in Warshington heading
for the airport to fly to San Francisco then to get on a 20-hour
flight to Taiwan.  Oscar hit a phone button and paged a mess of
Lee reported 86 at 1012.
Randall is OK and his doctor has him taking an antibiotic for a
mild infection but is bummed about his unfulfilled wish.
About two (2) years from application date the trustee of the
Bud_Repeater received a coordinated frequency to be tested for
three months after which it will revert to the open market
similar to a callsign if certain domumentation is not returned.
This matter must have required quite deep study to take about TWO
Today's high temp was 93.
Phyllis reported receipt of e-mail in Korean language from Un
Chung.  We think that Outlook Express can be set up to decipher

Sunday 18
Today's high is 94.5 on the good ole Spag's thermometer.  At
noon Ch.5 weatherman Mark Rosenthal's graphic did not show a
cooler day for tomorrow as has been predicted; Tuesday now looks
comfortable but a one-day affair.  NOAA with its two male and one
female electronic voices is holding to the cooler-all-week
Dinner was early today.  MA Electric has not been by to diagnose
WPX's AM-broadcast-band noise and it wipes out her Polish music
station on Sunday mornings.  There are (21) 275-gallon oil tanks
on the side porch of Turnpike Plumbing.  A tall pipe-smoking man
resembling Douglas MacArthur was spotted crossing Easy Street
heading for a large pool event in the Rheault yard being Mr. Ray.
The General likely did not raise his own pipe tobaccy however.
Phyllis' homegrown tomatoes were mighy tasty.  She has been on a
bingo-winning binge lately.  By the signoff of the Bud_Net some
of our world's problems were solved by participants WB3CUU/1,
WA3KEY, N3CRP powered by a linear amp and W3SON in the Pocono
Mountains.  About 2030 Jim and "the bride" were off to a tap check. (We never
get reports anymore.)

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Classic Heath Paint Can 1KW Dummy Load filled with mineral oil
(drug-store product used medicinally not hazardous PCB once used
in transformers)
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com

35-foot self-supporting tower, belonged to K1YLH (SK), is now in
"outside storage" in Webster
Dennis, K1VSG, 508-987-5827 K1VSG@arrl.net

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Halliscratchers SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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