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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-10-02
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 11-10-02
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:25:30 -0500
To: "Bud_Log Mailing List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

      Monday 4 November 2002
TV viewers may have hoped that due to the age factor one day we
might no longer have to listen to Ernie Bock inviting us to his
car lot with "come on down".  Well a young Ernie Bock, Jr., is
now doing the commercials with similar mannerisms inviting us to
come on down to the Auto Mile on Route 1 in Norwood.  Junior does
not use llamas as actors so far.

Tuesday 5
Your editor was voter #359 in The Hall in early afternoon.
Backing into the slot interfered-with by the Downtown
Beautification Project's protuberance (once described by Mr.
Bigwood using a vernacular term) the auto ended up two feet from
the curb.  The gentleman on sidewalk handing out flyers to deter
the proposed transfer station stated that the chief of police had
just left who parked five feet from the curb (and his neck works
well).  Fortunately the Buds were not passing by with digital
Pops was not on duty this year at the polls.
HJC's realty sign is still up, for the record.  This has proven
not to be a reliable indicator of snowfall altho it seemed
accurate for a few years.
K-mart was out of stock of Bounty Towels on sale (not surprising)
so a rain check was submitted.  Even the potting soil is a Martha
Stewart product now.  The cashier was a purported young man about
5.5 feet in height wearing earrings and pants large enough for
Gordon Wickman.
Brooks Drug DID have Gillette Foamy in stock on sale at 99 cents
however it was learned that Bic lighters are now behind the
counter so possibly hazmat.  It looks like voting hanky panky in Boston with two sets of feet
visible in voting booths.  When told that the second set belonged
to an interpreter of Spanish the young female reporter asked why
this is necessary when Spanish ballots are available.  The "boss"
attempted to throw her out of his domain.  He was advised not to
touch her camera.  The Secretary of State later pooh-poohed the

Wednesday 6
3/4" of rainfall is seen in the gauge this morning as result of a
The talking head on the left, James Carville, was sporting the
trash basket on head.
Seen on C-Span U.S. Senator Max Cleland of GA during his
concession speech spoke only of how fortunate he is to have
survived the battlefields of Vietnam (with loss of an arm and
both legs) and to have attained his dream of serving in the U.S.
Senate.  Not a discouraging word was heard from that brave man.
Not only was Jeb Bush returned to office in FL but Mrs. Harris of
"chad" fame was elected to the House.  After the smoke has
cleared we see that Dubya has control of both houses of Congress.
Mitt Romney will be our new governor.  We'll see if his skills in
managing the corrupt Olympics into an upstanding event will make
a dent in the Great and General Court of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts which remains an entrenched super-majority of (D).
Your editor would have liked to see Mr. Grabauskas elected as
treasurer, the former Registrar of Motor Vehicles who civilized
that department.  On Cable Ch.13 his public management speech at
Nichols College is being rerun at 7PM daily.
Jordan Levy has added one hour to his daily WTAG radio program.
Where does that man get the energy?  It has come to the
attention of the Bud_Log that our Head_Bud once spoke with Mr.
Levy on the telephone regarding the matter of interest in
veterans.  Your editor's optician once stated, "Jordan Levy just
left two minutes ago".  For the record the business typcoon/
politician/talk-show host wears those titanium frames which can
be tied into a knot.
Head_Bud's commuting trip from IPG was 30 seconds = 25% longer
timewise due to wet leaves on roads.
Bud has been experimenting today (your editor suspects that they
are working on Sputniks down there).

Thursday 7
At the Shaw's Market today the ice cream selection was mighty
sparse equaling the Price Chopper's bad days.  The only
dignitary met was Donald the bagger who is always most pleasant
and not apt to be drug-induced at his age..
The temp was 40 with stiff wind blowing leaves and of such force
that the Olney Girls' trash bucket was on its side.
Neither the green nor red light was ON at the Webster Five ATM;
the screen was very dim; it buzzed after a while and rejected the
card (otw could have selected a foreign language).
An eyewitness bingo hall report follows:
To: "H. Worthington" <k1otw@arrl.net>
Subject: LUCKY UnChung
From: "Phyllis" <wa1wpx@charter.net>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:27:12 -0500


We had a good time at Foxwoods. After a marvelous breakfast at the
Veranda  Cafe we went to play Bingo and UnChung won 500 big ones. then
she played 1 10.00 bill in some slot machine and cashed out 100.00
bucks. Is that luck or what????
As far as the Election goes, the people have spoken, not quite my voice
, but we must accept what we get.
I'm off to shampoo OTW------wpx

In three similar towns Mr. Grabauskas handily defeated overall
victor Mr. Cahill by a total margin of 1766 votes in Worcester
County.  Those rural Charlton voters being 2:1 for Romney seem
especially astute; the Great Prevaricator never could have been
elected if Oxford's neighbors to the west were typical.

                   Governor/Lt. Governor   
           Romney and Healey   O'Brien and Gabrieli
           -----------------   --------------------
Charlton    2444                1175
Dudley      1907                1186
Oxford      2518                1601

           Timothy Cahill      Daniel Grabauskas
           --------------      -----------------
Charlton    1484                1892
Dudley      1395                1550
Oxford      1748                1944

Friday 8
Temperature today is 61 with mild breeze; Indian Summer has
The ATM worked today altho both traffic lights are out.  It looks
like we customers have to run it in dim mode suitable for night

Saturday 9
While ordering breakfast at McDonalds (speaking into a box) Lee
informed the Bud_Log that he has been under the weather for 1-1/2
days with fever of 101.4 as measured by Budette's digital
thermometer which beeps; Lee is feeling better.  A day of work
was missed for the first time in otw memory.  A reason is that
Bud_Electrician will be soon going on a cruise and is not to be
The OTW answering machine was checked and not only had Mitt
Romney submitted a message but also Rudi Giuliani altho it did
not seem real personal..  In pleasant termperature in the 60's leaves were mowed again at
OTW with the ol' Allis-Chalmers tractor "running like a Zeke" as
HJC used to say.
Down in Quakertown KEY reported collecting 9 trailerfuls of
shredded leaves of a season's average of 44.
ABC Television ran "Saving Private Ryan" with full salty language
this evening.  This is certainly pace setting for an over-the-air
network.  In the film 'FUBAR' is used a few times (men not likely
to use an acronym in combat) while the F-word is spouted right
out there many times.  Isn't that special?

Sunday 10
A warm and breezy day was enjoyed at 70 here in Oxford.  In
Kingston, Cow Hampshire sister Carol reported birds bathing.
The fine WPX chicken dinner included what are believed to be Mr.
Ray's parsnips, an OTW favorite.  Dessert was an apple crisp.
Today's dinner guest daughter Lenore has purchased a new Saturn
sedan; the entire sales staff cheered when the deal was
consummated.  In a Saturn service department waiting room
computers are provided for customers, according to the Web page.
(We knew Lenore when she was dispatcher at BFI ordering Jose to
get the dumpster at a fish market.)

* Veterans' Day special event set: To recognize Veterans Day and the
anniversary of the birth of Gen Curtis E. LeMay, K0GRL/K4FRA/W6EZV (SK),
the Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club (SACMARC)
<http://www.sacmarc.org/> will operate special event station K0GRL on
Monday, November 11, from 1200 to 2400 UTC. Operation will be in the
General-class phone bands on or near frequencies ending in 47--for 1947
when the Air Force became a single entity)--3947, 7247, 14,247, 21,347 and
28,347 kHz. LeMay held K0GRL when he was the Strategic Air Command,
Commander assigned to Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska. LeMay
later obtained K4FRA when he served as the USAF Vice Chief of Staff (later
Chief of Staff). When he retired in California, he became W6EZV. SACMARC
obtained K0GRL via the vanity call sign program in 1997. Include a
self-addressed, stamped envelope with QSL requests to SACMARC, PO Box
1292, Bellevue, NE 68005-1292.--Darwin Piatt, W9HZC

The ARRL Letter is published Fridays, 50 times each year, by the American
Radio Relay League--The National Association For Amateur Radio--225 Main
St, Newington, CT 06111; tel 860-594-0200; fax 860-594-0259;
http://www.arrl.org. Jim Haynie, W5JBP, President

Only two responses came in to the colored-words test:
To: k1otw@att.net
Subject: Re: Check out http://www.humorsphere.com/fun/colortest.swf   (tnx to Joyce & ...
From: MickeyM311@aol.com
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 20:14:39 EST

In a message dated 11/9/02 11:01:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, k1otw@att.net writes:

<< http://www.humorsphere.com/fun/colortest.swf >>

75% 1st time
88% 2nd time

To: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington" <k1otw@att.net>
Subject: Re: Check out http://www.humorsphere.com/fun/colortest.swf   (tnx to Joyce & Bill)
From: "Kevin \"keg\" Marshall" <k1keg@cox.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 20:07:06 -0500

....For the BudLog....Keg got 100%

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
35-foot self-supporting tower, belonged to K1YLH (SK), is now in
"outside storage" in Webster
Dennis, K1VSG, 508-987-5827 K1VSG@arrl.net

1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4-door sedan
Low mileage
Bob St. George (OTW neighbor)
Phone 508 987-3318

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Halliscratchers SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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