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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-19-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-19-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:38:45 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 13 August 2001
Bud_Light attended a VFW meeting returning at 2239 and was proud
of himself when he turned on the front porch light with his 440

Tuesday 14
At 1233 HJC was once again sighted by Bud_Light Fisher while
driving north without ears on.
Jerry explained that he was on ECARS during the previous offenses
near IPG.
Attached is image HJC.JPG with a mystery guest (known only to
hams probably) in the center between Jerry and the fair Claire.
(No, the gentleman is not Elly without the beard.)
BTW, your editor intends to shortly become RAM King among the
Buds with 512Mb.  After the $19.95 mail-in Tiger rebate the cost
will be only the $8.95 Airborne Express fee.  The Olney girls now have a fourth kitty whose face resembles a
Siamese yet she has a strong voice.
At 4:25 PM Don N1EDF checked into the Bud_Repeater which was a
considerable honor.  It was not so nice however when Bud_Light
said that he sounded like a woman on a pager, hi.  Eats Dead Fish
can "take it".
Our Head_Bud appeared at the OPD for the swearing-in ceremony as
Recreational Policeman.  When asked, Chief NoYes stated that
this position will be called to duty in time of war. (Those guys
used to ride snowmobiles and were indispensable after the
Biizzard of '78.)

Wednesday 15
0945 "A 3-foot oil slick is in front of the back door of The
Hall.  Dennis wants it covered before it's tracked into the
Hall", according to Bud_Bark at the Town Barn. (Bud_Bark is our
tree surgeon.)  A highway employee was assigned to take one bag
of Speedi-Dry or possibly dump a bucket of sand near the door
reserved for icy steps with the final decision to be made on the
Mrs. Bud_Light is now on vacation with the old gent left home to
do work because he did not take his NYC singles vacation usually
spent aboard the USS Intrepid.
Jim and our Bud_Selectman (Ret.) were on the Post Office firing
range.  Greg thought that his handgun's barrel was bent but Jim
hit three bullseyes with it.
Later in the evening Jim shot 25 clay pigeons in a row at the
Singletary trap-shooting range.  This was using a Model 12.  When
Canada goose season opens next month Jim may be able to help with
the IPG problem.  Those birds are said to be tough so a 10-gauge
could be used.

Thursday 16
From Florida today the Keg Family submitted digital images of
Budweiser Clydesdales at the Busch Gardens and Mrs. Keg ran
across a Shamu-bug at Sea World.

Friday 17
Your editor is now trying out new gunmetal-frame eyeglasses as
well as a small RCA remote control from Staples which can run
your tube, VCR and cable box; the regular price is $2.95.  The
customer must supply two (2) AAA cells.
The Buds put up the Eggbeater antennas at 16 Charlton Street.

Saturday 18
On the last lawn-mowing lap the Allis-Chalmers tractor conked
out.  Who happened along but your Head_Bud himself who got her
going by choking.  The main-jet needle was removed and she seems
OK again however her oiled-foam air filter is badly in need of
service.  (Fortunately Bud did not see that!)  Bud and Budette had dined at the 99 Restaurant and there was an
outbreak of frogs within the confines of the S-10 pickup.  Poor
Bud said that Eats Deaf Fish checked into the Bud_Repeater.
The P&D Oxford House of Pizza has been raised to the four-star
level on the basis of the following written testimonial.
To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: P&D Scallop dinner
From: BeanieRandy@aol.com
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 12:39:34 EDT


Bud & I had the scallop dinner last night from P&D.  Scallops, fries, onion rings, roll, coleslaw & tarter sauce.  It was very good, and give you a LOT.  Bud said 4 stars for them.


Sunday 19
This morning Bud checked out the IPG fireworks setup and has been
volunteering at Founders Day/Celebration Oxford by parking cars
and testing pizza, etc.  He pronounced the day "one hot momma"!
At ~1600 Bud went on a power nap and explained that this has
always been his custom and was perfected in the Navy when naps
were taken by 80% of the ship's crew at noon after eating on the
mess deck.  Due to the motion of the ship there was never
difficulty in falling asleep at sea.
Bud_Light is installing a new front door on Bird Court.
WPX's dinner menu was the best meat loaf ever, beets, corn on cob
and her specialty roasted segments of large-potato-cut-on-a-chord
longitudinally with hide left on and spiced to a fare-thee-well.
Dessert was pineapple upside-down cake.  Mmmmmmm-MMM as Sheriff
Andy Taylor used to put it!  Daughter Lenore was guest of honor.
Mr. Naramore was watching the heartbreaker Red Sox in the summer
living room so was not much interested in the doll carriage
For the record, the $2.98 RCA remote control works their
Scientific-Atlanta cable box.
Jim reported eating too much at the Post Office Clambake held at
Singletary Rod & Gun Club where there were lobsters, steamers,
corn on the cob, watermelons and plenty of 807's.  Bud commented
that Jim is one of those people who are well hydrated.
At 9 PM Bud's IPG fireworks were mighty pretty from a distance of
two miles and displayed for 15-16 minutes.  Neighbor Solomon
threw on every light possible to "enhance" the viewing.  Bud was
right at the entrance to the firing line, you know.  He expected
a well-marked GI ordnance truck or something and the explosives
arrived in a Ryder rental.


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