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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 02-09-03
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 02-09-03
From: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington"
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 05:01:01 -0500
To: "Bud_Log Mailing List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

                  Monday 3 February 2003
The OTW Web page has been honored by a photo of a new character:
K1WGA the World's Greatest Amateur.
Today's temperature rose to nearly 50.  Many shoppers were in
the Shaw's Market.

Tuesday 4
A mouse was trapped in the bathroom closet with jaws clamped onto
the block of cheese.
Don N1EDF u/l Echolink.exe along with photos of new wheels on
his high-tech "toolbox".
AT&T Visa Card rendered dead the otw account (good until 06-05)
and was trying to strong-arm otw into a Mastercard "for your
convenience".  It was found more convenient to quit AT&T credit
cards entirely.  Monthly vendors have been switched to American
Express Card whose Web site works much better in the first
According to the Town Manager at the Selectmen's Meeting this
could be Oxford's doomsday, worse than 1989.  There were some
Bud_Cops who volunteered their service in past years who might
have been valuable at such a time.

Wednesday 5
The dummy Bud_Log editor outsmarted himself when demonstrating to
the World's Greatest Amateur how the system date can be set back
to 1980 for confused e-mail - and forgot it back there.  Well
this evening the machine was turned on and ALL directory and file
dates on the 40Gb hard drive are now 02-05-80 at 5:21 PM.  All
creation dates are 12-31-79 with varying times.  This applies to
all four partitions.  A system file named DDEML.DLL had to be
restored to run Windows 98 SE right also. ???

Thursday 6
Bud_Log subscriber Nancy Skeean, trusty better half of Bud_Not,
has today applied for the Bud_Ship: Bud_Bank.  This matter has
not been approved by the Head_Bud his own self so far at which
time it will be added to those to be considered at the next
meeting of the board.
Bud_Light our computer guru tested the otw-date-editing method on
an experimental laptop and was unable to duplicate it.
Your editor has nothing memorable about the Blizzard of '78 but
drifts were 4' deep across Easy Street and WPX had to walk uptown
for butts before a bulldozer cleared the road days later.

Friday 7
Predicted 2" of snow fell all day to a depth of more nearly 12"
due to the "fluff factor" according to smiley weathermen.  WTAG
commenced the day with a 1" figger which was revised to 2" by
Mr. Dixon the upholsterer has scheduled the otw favorite chair
for rework in May.  He stated that good Danish furniture like
that is not made anymore.  (We did not expect him to suggest to
go buy a La-Z-Boy.)  Fabric selected = $25/yard.
There are plans afoot by the Buds for a CW Night.

Saturday 8
The official NWS snow depth in Oxford = 10.5 inches.
The Jacobsen snowblower ran well; the same cannot be said for otw
even though snow was light in density..  Bud_Light passed by and
later admired the "Gorton fisherman hat".

Sunday 9
At 0500 Oxford temp = 6F.
WPX lifted off from Logan Airport at 0924 aboard American
Airlines Flight #1013, a Boeing 757-200.  She promptly attained
altitude of 35,000 feet at 450 mph heading south.  She and
sisters were chauffeured to airport by Big Daddy Limousines no
doubt taking advantage of the new connector from the MA Turnpike
Extension (part of the Big Dig) to the Ted Williams Tunnel direct
to East Boston.
WPX attained speed of 560 mph over the Atlantic and expectedly
landed in Aruba shortly before 1500.  The Web flight trackers are
not worth much when the aircraft goes beyond FAA radar.  In a tan
condition she is to return one week from today with flight
changes at Miami and La Guardia destined to arrive at T.F. Green
Airport in Warwick, RI at 1820.  She commented that next time she
will make flight arrangements herself.
When asked yesterday, WPX had not designated anyone to make meals
for Mr. Naramore even in the face of two (2) Sundays being
missed..  Mr. Naramore also is to take care of Precious.  Being a
former practitioner of animal husbandry, neighbor Mr. Ray is apt
to be helpful as on past vacations.
For the first time in this viewer's experience at 1050 Tim
Russert referred to a man as 'Sir': Colin L. Powell.
NetZero e-mail has been bouncing for a few days; those
subscribers are missing some important jokes.
At 16 Charlton Street (Bud_Headquarters) dinner was corned beef
and cabbage for which poor Budette experienced major feedback.

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
35-foot self-supporting tower, belonged to K1YLH (SK), is now in
"outside storage" in Webster
Dennis, K1VSG, 508-987-5827 K1VSG@arrl.net

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Halliscratchers SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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