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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-01-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-01-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 08:32:32 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 25 June 2001
At 1545 Jim was off to the saltmine with a hearty "Tally Ho".
The Bud_Log has learned some of the reasons that our Head_Bud
does not hear much on the "secret frequency" anymore.
1. Tuned to police monitoring (hopes to get to 1st sgt's camp)
2. Not listening
3. Rig = OFF
4. Telephone = ON

Tuesday 26th
Budette presented sweet corn from the Price Chopper which might
have been rated "5 Ears" by George Clarke as in the attached
picture 5EARS.GIF. (George is building manager of the Ed Sullivan
Theater and the lady is Mom Letterman.)
BTW three unboiled cobs of last week's COW CORN from the Shaw's
were snapped in half and forwarded to the driveway for the
wildlife.  In the morning two uneaten lengths were found in the
bird bath so never did soften sufficiently for a crows' diet, it

Wednesday 27
After work classmate Larry Bedard paid a visit aboard his 1999
BMW motorcycle. (Beemers were a pioneer in adopting shaft drive
we recall.)  The bright red machine was not accompanied by a
thunderous sound and rattling windows so he rang the doorbell in
the manner of Jed Clampett's callers.  It is equipped with great
latch-on, high-tech saddle bags.
Our Head_Bud himself checked-in reporting dining at lunch with
two German Honza (sp) engineers at the Colonial Club.  These
visitors were pleased to find ostrich meat on the menu.  Bud
refused to try the large bird himself although a scrapple
aficionado.  The Log was advised that in the Fatherland beer is
served in all sorts of stores even McDonald's.  The drinking age
is 16 (Bush twins take note) and it was added that drunken
driving is rare.

Thursday 28
Running Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers this always-slow
Web site did not answer again in the weekly check.  It was touted
by a selectman as the revelation of important Town hearings, etc.
We guess a service is not significant like the deal where
real-estate taxes are assessed 14% interest if unpaid when due.
Could it have moved and did not tell anybody? 
Friday 29
Your editor met our ol' friend Pete BeJeune in the Shaw's Market.
A lifetime commercial painter who tells a story about using a
plumb bob in the Prudential Center, Pete must now lug an oxygen
The otw lawn was mown being at such a height that there was no
difficulty seeing the line of demarcation (if you know what I
mean JWL).  That Allis-Chalmers is a fine machine even if feels
like it's about to throw you off.  Neighbor Susan Olney was quite
impressed with it and was told that you can't get the real thing
anymore.  For the first time the loud "pop" was produced as it
shut down (just like Bud was able to do).
"Mileage 908, 10.7 gallons" according to Chief #2 at 3PM.
"Mileage 27,098, 10 gallons" according to the 1st sgt at 6:30PM.
(They ride in fine style as Oxford employees.)

Saturday 30
With CD drives automatically starting, Bud_Light's CD "oldies"
albums are being enjoyed.  Oldies means the 50's here.
During last night's second storm WPX' cat "Precious" was nowhere
to be found.  When it abated she under an umbrella went looking
in back yards of the Easy Street neighborhood and soon the
adventurous pet appeared without explanation from a yard on Lind
Street - hardly damp.  Phyllis "had to carry" the kitty back home
since she was so stressed and thinks that she "had a friend"
since normally hides from a storm..

Sunday 1 July
JULY?  How can a month fly by THAT fast?
Morning TV news was that Massachusetts Emergency Management
personnel were manning the bomb-hardened "bunker" on Route 9 in
Framingham in anticipation of thunderstorms this afternoon.
(From this site ex-Governor Dukakis managed the Blizzard of '78,
for those in Rio Linda.)  Hmmmm, this voter cannot help but
wonder if those jobs just happen to pay overtime on a Sunday.
The meteorologist was downplaying the inevitability of doomsday
hailstones predicted by the news anchor.
Chipmunks now have nearly a dozen tunnels undermining the
concrete steps, front porch and rear porch modified by carpenter
Solomon plus an "outpost" under the concrete cesspool cover.
Cndx on the Bud_Net were very noisy however Bud persevered for a
couple of go-rounds with WA3KEY the HT King of Quakertown and
another Pennsylvania ham..
WPX prepared dinner early since going to bingo.
At 7 PM we are still standing after a good old-fashioned frog
strangler which filled the birdbath in record time and then some.
Murphy was not pleased to be on the front porch with Bud during
the closest and loudest lightning strike estimated to be "near
the old firebarn on Barton Street".
OTW's former neighbor Knute once told us that one Elmer Naramore,
father of Oxford's most distinguished USPS employee, once ran an
auto-service garage in that building.
Tnx to our Bud_Selectman (Ret.) we may have ascertained the
origin of the following quotation:

A Woman's Rule of Thumb: If it has tires or testicles, you're
going to have trouble with it.
-------Women's restroom, Dick's Last Resort, Dallas, Texas


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