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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-22-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 07-22-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 04:01:50 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 16 July 2001
As to the question of seeing no time clock at IPG, our Head_Bud
stated that those who work >80 hours per week do not punch
The Doctor of Democracy signed a contract worth $250,000,000
running to 2009.  He told listeners that the IRS is to get half,
without a contract.  Well being a head-of-household he ought to
get his $600 tax rebate anyhow. (He always was financially astute
since he chose a trade requiring no costly toolbox.)

Tuesday 17
At 1348 Jim with a "tally ho" was off to the Post Office
despite a light drizzle even working overtime due to the large
volume of mail.  "Keep Buying Those Stamps" is his motto.
There is to be a military-vehicles show at the 200 Sportsmen's
Club this weekend.
Kielbasa and beans is the OTW menu today.

Wednesday 18
E-mail was forwarded to the president/CEO of the Brooks Pharmacy
requesting to either stock Snapple or cease teaser-sale
advertising.  Brooks' headquarters appears to be in Canada.
Bud signed out never having announced that he was in.

Thursday 19
Eric's Limousine Service occupies advertising space on Shaw's
shopping carts.
84,000 USPS managers are to be rewarded with whopping bonuses;
this is your hutzpah!

Friday 20
In the K-Mart OTW purchased a new corn broom assembled in Mexico.
How can they manufacture and sell a decent broom for $3.50?  Two
hardware clerks had never heard of manila rope (and to tell you
subscribers the truth did not seem interested in the fact that it
is a natural fiber).
Click on the Collegiate Thesaurus tab to look up the current word in the thesaurus.

One entry found for abaca.

Main Entry: ab∑a∑ca Pronunciation: "a-b&-'kš, 'a-b&-"
Function: noun
Etymology: Spanish abacŠ, from Tagalog abakŠ
Date: circa 1818
1 : a strong fiber obtained from the leafstalk of a banana (Musa textilis) native    to the Philippines -- called also Manila hemp
2 : the plant that yields abaca
Doing his part to make the USPS solvent again OTW purchased 100
Peanuts stamps. (Where do we figger the coil of 100 stamps
ordered on-line last Christmas went?)
Budette reviewed P&D Pizza which is tentatively rated "good" and
is pushing "very good" but quality seems variable.  A large
antipasto was excellent a couple of times so far.  As is
customary with antipasto they give the customer two pockets of
tasteless bread which did not rise so probably to be used as bird

Hello OTW

We had pizza from P&D today, it was pretty good.  A LOT better than the place in the center. 

Saturday 21
FEEDME.JPG is attached; Norm snapped it of the three KEY-robin
offspring with eyes not yet opened.

Sunday 22
At 0930 Bud reported a female wild turkey near the swimming pool.
"The Boys" were not impressed and had to be held back.  Jim was
ready to grab it for dinner but Bud said too much work to pluck
so better to buy in market.
At 1102 Bud stated that the heat wave has begun then reported
following a red S-10 with Mass reg. 9156JN (Juliet November
phonetics for those voters in West Palm Beach) and a "Sparky's
Gun Shop" bumper sticker.  This vehicle exited the K-Mart parking
lot.  Bud could not stop driver for going 46 mph since his
Blue-Light Permit has expired.
Bud lost an R-1000 by a matter of 50 cents.  Bud's and Jim's
shelves are so empty that they need more receivers like your
editor needs a larger waist.
Jay N1GKI is at Loudon today..
At 4:30 PM the Bud_Repeater returned to the air with antenna on
barn but at less than full height.  Budette tested it for high-
frequency response and Bud_Son Shawn tested for mid-range.  Due
to the expected popularity it is asked that calling stations say
"This is" then drop carrier to check for doubling then check-in
in alphanumeric order pse. Hi.  (One of the users had been
monitoring for some time on the wrong frequency.)
Trustee Bud has abided by the League's advice to be patient by
waiting for fourteen (14) months for instructions from the new,
"busy" 440 frequency coordinator - and is still waiting.
On a "60 Minutes" rerun we learned from Andy Rooney that a Hansom
Cab ride in Central Park costs $68 per hour.
At 9:11 PM, Bud_Houston was on an "807 run".
See attached BUCKY2.JPG
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Subject: for the log
From: DTroi57@aol.com
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 21:01:27 EDT

Hey Howie...even my dog is an internet junkie!




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