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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-05-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-05-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 09:03:43 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

Monday 30 July 2001
Pse refer to the attached business card HEBERT.JPG.  With all-new
equipment Hebert Tree Service showed up this morning and did a
workmanlike job at a reasonable cost here at the OTW Estate.  Any
limb up to 6" is run thru the chipper so there is little firewood
left.  He is licensed in Connecticut the Nutmeg State as well as
Massachusetts.  We are mindful that my carpenter Solomon also was
duly licensed, by the ex-Governor Dukakis government, FWIW.

Tuesday 31
A great blue heron was sighted walking at a very slow pace in the
pond adjacent to Rawson Ave.
On behalf of the Oxford Honor Guard Bud_Light Fisher purchased a
fruit basket at the Park 'n Shop which was presented to Earl
Skeean who is reportedly doing well.
At 7:10 PM Don KA3EHP (transplant from Maryland) stopped to visit
Bud with his HT on the seat, switched OFF.  Now this may explain
why he never hears anybody.  ...a teacher of our youts too!
At IPG Bud is flying German, U.S. and ______ (forgot third)

Wednesday 1 August
Head_Bud reported that a "surprise inspection" by President
Dalton was to be held in 20 minutes.
An interesting tool was seen in use by roofers next door this
morning.  Blocks of heavy-duty foam rubber the size of a large
sofa cushion are used for kneeling and also to prevent
tools/shingles from sliding.
Bud_Light reported getting an inspection sticker on the
While outside all afternoon your editor was carrying around the
Bud_Alinco only to find at end of day that the control operator
had turned the repeater off.

Thursday 2
A-Plus Roofing Services ran a new-fangled sort of "magnetic lawn
roller" over the lawn across the street as part of the cleanup
process which looks pretty good.  We do not want the kitties to
step on a roofing nail.
OTW adjourned to the Price Chopper in temp of 90 degrees and
returned successfully despite dire warnings of wicked humidity
and high level of ozone which were ignored in light of a Turkey
Hill 2-for-$5 sale.
Buds_Light, Sr. and Jr. stopped by with new bikes.  Jr.'s has
a rear tire suitable for the sand dunes on the Cape Cod National
Bud_Log subscribers the Olney Girls returned from another
vacation, in Warshington this time.

Friday 3
Bud_Classic sent along the attatched EGRET.JPG which is the same
design as the great blue heron but snow white in color, your
editor was told.  Them boys do not particularly like to be
photographed.  MONARCH.JPG is a Monarch butterfly who is not
"beat up".
We learned today that Tom Brokaw is taking ten weeks vacation
this summer - which is 2x that of Longtie.  Do Tom's perquisites
include a new Crown Vic, gasoline credit card and parking slot
adjacent to the handicapped folks' concrete ramp tho?
The R100 programming cable was wired today.

Saturday 4
Note to Bud_KEG:
At 0730 a new Ronco Hometime Oven commercial was seen on Ch.99
the Health Channel.  This update features two female assistants
both of whom are highly impressed but largely ignored by inventor
Ron Popeil.  The price has been reduced to 5 payments of $19.95
plus $29.95 S&H.  Now this offer still includes the warming tray
and gloves, etc., however a new circular loading platform has
been added.  Testimony from satisfied owners was heard in at
least two foreign languages with English translation displayed by
Chyron.  One enthusiastic lady has a rotisserie oven in her RV
and enjoys prime rib in the woods.
Bud wrote that IPG's President Dalton "was very specific on care
of the flag" and conditions under which the colors are to be
flown.  This is encouraging to see a person with regard for flag
Bud and his executive officer went to HRO and purchased an
Eggbeater antenna for satellite work plus a new receiver.

Sunday 5
The Eggbeater antenna is in operation already; its pattern can be
switched between horizontal and vertical planes, you know.  The
Buds put out a valiant effort today however the Bud_Repeater's PL
tone remains unchanged - so far.
Jim drove out the "secret exit" at BJ's since he was in his
truck.  At Best Buy Jim purchased 128Mb or RAM for $20 after


Bud_Repeater = 448.200MHz output, 443.200 input, 114.8Hz PL
Secret Freq. = 147.435
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