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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-12-01
Subject: Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 08-12-01
From: "H. R. Worthington"
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 04:23:34 -0500
To: "The Bud_Log Subscribers List"

                          THE BUD_LOG

    *** HAMS NEEDED ***
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Monday 6 August 2001
Jim was heard tallying-ho off to Maine at 1003.

Tuesday 7
AT&T reduced the otw ISP fee by $3 per month after being
questioned when a lower price was mentioned in "Consumer
Reports".  OTW had difficulty believing that "it would have been
automatically reduced in a month or two".
At 4:47 PM in the peripheral field of the OTW right eye a brown
streak was seen heading south - presumed to be the Mrs. Bud_Light
At the Selectmen's Meeting the microphones on the witness table
were apparently switched off.  In order to hear the folks seated
there it was necessary to turn your tube's audio to 100% at which
point a cough by the chairman or Mr. Bigwood nearly got the
viewer up off his chair.  Nobody on the Town payroll up there
questioned this.

Wednesday 8
0900, your Head_Bud was saying something about "8 kilohert" and
"AZBILL" when his phone rang so was signed out.
At 1013 Budette was spotted two rows away in the Shaw's parking
lot getting into the Blazer having finished shopping already.
Oxford dignitary Bernie Swarcz was greeted on his morning
constitutional in the nice cool store.  It was necessary to pay
full price ($4.49) for Turkey Hill (imported from Lancaster
County you know) this week so only one half-gallon was put into
the buggy.  Neighbors Phyllis Cunningham and at least three (3)
members of the Brady Bunch were ahead of your editor at the cash
Bud_KEG has reprogrammed the Bud_Repeater and plans to return it
to the air on Saturday.

Thursday 9
You might take a look at EGRET2.JPG; Bud_Classic got this fine
closeup while aboard his tractor within 15' watching the bird
feed, preen and even "take a dump".
At 1103 Bud_Light Fisher reported being almost scared when he saw
a big guy wearing sunglasses in a blue car looking very much like
our ol' friend Marty.
Bud has contractors working on the third floor with windows open.
One 250-ton chiller is working at 88% of capacity.
In high-tech this is known as a "design day", your editor
The temp is 96 here in Oxford.
Bud_Classic reports pool-water temperature of 85 degrees and 84
upstairs in the house with A/C running.
At 1255 Jim kinkdly asked if anything is needed at Shaw's and
then going to dip in pond at Singletary Rod & Gun Club with 807
tasting planned for later in the day.  Yesterday some "Post
Office practice" was done on the shotgun range with positive
results so marksmanship is "getting back".
ISO (wonder what that means?) is calling for immediate reduction
of air conditioner use this afternoon.  Now this is when we need
'em; not in the winter.
It was so hot that Bud burned his hand on his microphone.
It was so hot that there have been no telemarketer calls for
three days.
On the 10 O'clock news a Ch.56 reporter goaded an emergency room
physician to advise, "If you have a fan, turn it on."

Friday 10
As relayed by the Head_Bud who is taking a 4-hour vacation today,
the first field report from Bud_Buffalo follows:
"At 10 o'clock the cold front is passing thru Buffalo."
At ~1300 Bud_light is leaving for vacation in Old Orchard Beach,
Maine. (In ten years Bud_Light you might equal the number of
vacations taken by Marty.)         Even Bud_Light found this morning's humidity to be oppressive
altho one who does not mind high heat.
At 1155 a turkey was seen grazing in the otw back yard taking 15
minutes then flying off to the west.  It was not possible to tell
if one of the IPG turkeys and Bud did not have ears on.
The cold front arrived at 1245 dropping temp from 90 to 75
accompanied by a mild thunderstorm of extended duration with
humidity remaining oppressive.
1530 Jim reports firing a friend's 1917 Enfield which is so
accurate that he had to ask his son if the yellow bullseye was
still there or shot out.  Not surprisingly the Enfield was
declared a beautiful rifle.  The M1 was also fired with similar
At this time Bud went on a "mandatory nap" after telling your
editor to call out "Bud_Turkey" and see if the bird answers.
At ~1540 the Olney girls left the premises in the rain driving
the Ford soccer van which even has a wiper on the rear window.
They are high tech.  For the record they also are among the few
moderns known to your editor who have a remote-control on garage
doors and actually park their machines IN the garage.

Saturday 11
Listening to Kim Komando (before she was trumped by the Red Sox)
today it was learned that she does not understand "standby" due
to being troublesome; she leaves the hard drive running
constantly and turns the monitor off with the AC switch.  For the
record, here at otw even when going on "standby" by using the
"Start" button the system occasionally wakes up in a fatal
comatose state requiring a reboot.
We have a cooler day with high of 80 but still quite humid.
At 1517 Jim returned from an afternoon of trap shooting.
At 1520 Bud reported taking President Dalton, his son who is a
senior naval officer (specific rank was not divulged) and their
wives on an IPG tour.  Dalton, Sr. was a very good friend of
Admiral Elmo Zumwalt who let Radarman Cahill grow longer hair.
During the QSO your editor was ditched while Bud spoke on a
telephone call. (It is doubtful that Mom Cahill taught such
It was learned that during Bud's 4-hour vacation yesterday he
installed a new lamp post in yard including pouring concrete in
the rain.
At 1930 the Bud_repeater returned to the air with a new PL of
131.8 Hz.

Sunday 12
At 0700 WA3KEY Norm and WA3RXP Steve were enjoying breakfast of
omelets and kosher dills in Manhattan's Carnegie Deli and stocked
up on pickled herring at Sables Deli (see SABLES.JPG).
The Bud_Repeater had an interference-free night as far as is
The Keg Family is leaving on a FL vacation and photos are usually
returned of their activities.
All OTW cookies were deleted, even the bank's pair, and the
browsers work just fine..
What is the scoop Jerry?  At 2:32 PM once again Bud passed you on
the Old Webster Road at which time your ears were apparently not
ON?  Advice was needed on how to improve manners of Canada geese
at IPG.
Bud was unable to snake coax to the attic so the Eggbeaters will
be enhancing the roof soon..  Budette thinks they are cute.
Bud_Houston was just heard on the Bud_Machine.
Don KA3EHP got his new HT programmed and checked-in also.


Bud_Repeater = 443.200MHz input, 448.200 output, 131.8Hz PL
RI rem. link = 147.425, 131.8Hz PL
Callsign     = WB3CUU/R
Hardware     = Motorola R100
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