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Bud_Log for the week ending Sunday 12-24--06
"H. R. Worthington" <k1otw@arrl.net>
Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:21:59 -0500
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1. Dianne and Lee visited the Mohegan Sun Casino, not the  
2. Lee's rifle is an M-15, not an M-50.

Monday 18 September 2006
The Lincare guy exchanged the loud concentrator for a  brand
which is not much quieter.  He left four "B" and one "D"
WB3CUU/R the Morse Code identifier of the Bud_repeater is still
being transmitted (hams do not broadcast) however is apt to be
ruled illegal one day due to nobody left to decipher it.
Our ol' friend JWL was asked if retired Norton employees receive
a Christmas turkey and he replied, "No, I receive a $12 dollar
check.  The company still gives turkeys to the working help."

Tuesday 19
(See CW.JPG)
Here is a historic photo of our Head_Bud in 1976 taking his
Novice CW test being administered by his Elmer W3BUR (SK).  Bud
waited 16 weeks to get WN3CUU.... 17 months later the General
Test was taken in the Federal Building on Market Street in
WPX is off to a rare Southbridge bingo with only one sister since
the third sister is resting comfortably after back surgery.
Sister Carol Jean's apple pie was so delicious that only two
otw-sized slices made it to the freezer this year.
The FCC has dropped all Morse Code requirements from U.S. Amateur
licensing.  Within the next two months the Advanced Class will be
retired and all current Advanced ticket holders grandfathered
into the Extra Class.
Dianne and Lee dined at the Whistle Stop.
At the Selectmen's Meeting our Town Planner Mr. Zeneski announced
receipt of a grant to be used by Massachusetts Highway engineers
to ascertain if a roundabout (a special rotary with a statue in
the center similar to Washington Square in Worcester) can replace
the traffic lights in the center of Oxford.  (Your editor would
like to see that.)

Wednesday 20
At 11:00 AM EST the Olney Girls were off to their chiropractor.
They also have a masseur, you know, who makes house calls
carrying his own folding workbench.
Randall was walked.  His ears are standing better after an
injection of cortisone in a rear leg as well as pills for two
days.  Down at IPG there is celebration with four lunches for
employees today.  Bud attended the first celebratory lunch at
11:00 AM.  See that - they do have Christmas in Russia.
At the Shaw's Market no dignitaries were spotted.  Regular
gasoline at Reggie's = $2.319/gallon.
Phyllis won 50 bucks at the Elks' bingo.

Thursday 21
WPX' home is decorated gaily for Christmas even unto LED lights
of green and red powered by a battery (watch assumed).
WPX' dinner today with N1GKI in attendance was the best meatloaf
ever, oven roasted potatoes, beets, bread sticks and ear of corn
(NOT of Corn Man quality).  This entree was preceded by a
vegetable platter consisting of grape tomatoes sliced in two,
cucumber in dainty slivers, celery with cream cheese, feta cheese
chunks, cheddar cheese chunks, lettuce, applesauce, olives and a
little olive oil.  GKI commenced with a glass of Hood Eggnog.
Milk was the beverage.  Zinfandel wine was poured from cute
little bottles by GKI also.  Oh yes GKI had two helpings and
washed dishes in a short while.
As a Christmas gift GKI received an eelskin purse and promptly
loaded it with important documents.
Across the street the Ray's menorah appeared to be out of order.

Friday 22
Verizon upgraded the OTW broadband connection to 3Mb which
resulted in a puny increase in d/l speed to 500Kb.  WOW!  The
Olney Girls on the $14.95 plan (768Kb) see a speed of 700Kb.
WPX went to bingo in Doodley where winnings = 25 bucks and one
hotdog was consumed.

Saturday 23
Rain today.
Seniors may remember that when a yout mail deliveries were made
at least twice per day at Christmas time.  Those mailmen walked
in snowy conditions.
At 1725 Bud and Budette reported good steak tips and broccoli at
Applebee's.  Bud ate the whole thing.  Incidentally Bud_daughter
Sue likes this eatery.
A considerable party is underway in the Olney Girls' Estate this

Sunday 24
WPX is at a family dinner of pork which she hopes to exit early
to watch the Patriots game.  The early parts are being recorded.
While visiting a minute the Head_Bud's auto alarms went off as a
group of walkers accompanied by a large canine manure spreader
were passing heading north.  It turned out to have been set off
by Bud_Light Fisher who opened a door.  ???
Bud revised his report on 15 meter noise level thinking this
could be suspected if Morse Code were heard by modern hams.
The Olney Girls visited bearing food items.  It was learned that
neighbor Bob and Mayor Olney attended the party with a surprise
appearance by former neighbor Eric.
WPX in fact watched the Patriots at the dinner.
Merry Christmas to all Buds!

----------------------  TECHNICAL COLUMN  ----------------------

--------------------------  FOR SALE  --------------------------
Yaesu FT-470 dual band HT.
Two batteries, battery eliminator, AA battery pack, couple of
antennas, car adaptor and case.
Radio is in excellent shape...
Price $125

Panasonic RF-4800 communications receiver in excellent cosmetics
and mechanical condition, radio is 100%...price $200.

Hallicrafters S-107shortwave and am broadcast receiver, cherry
condition.  Price $50.00.

FREE for removal
60-foot original WORC transmitting tower of radio pioneer Alfred
Moved from original station site on Emerald Avenue
Former tower of the late W1LIB on Union Point in Webster
Angle iron construction
Can be removed with the help of a crane.
Some pine tree limbs need trimming.

Pse reply to OTW or directly to:
"Ernie Benoit Jr." <ernieb@charter.net>
508-943-8804 home
774-230-3138 cell

---------------------------  WANTED  ---------------------------
Hallicrafters SX-115, not modified
Lee Cahill WB3CUU MickeyM311@aol.com


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Bud_Repeater   = 443.200MHz input, 448.200 output, 131.8Hz PL
Remote link in
Woonsocket, RI = 146.435, 131.8Hz PL
Callsign       = WB3CUU/R
Hardware       = Motorola R100
Secret Freq.   = 147.435
Bud_Net        =   7.240    ± QRM @ 1300 Eastern Time Sundays

Oxford history = http://www.steverunner.com/Oxfordma.htm

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Bud_Keg K1KEG (ex KAYF8482)
Bud_Oscar W1PA
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G0EIR (DX subscriber in Alsager)
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K1AOI (ex 1W3439)
K1TUU (Tech License lapsed)
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N1BEU (ex 1Q3628)
N1EDF                   www.n1edf.com/index.htm
N1GKI                   www.freewebs.com/n1gki
N1ROZ  449.750 MHz minus with 131.8 PL
W1COU (Marty, Jr.)
W1HJC (Happy Junk Collector) (Requested inactive status)

Perfection:     *****      Billy's Burg-o-Rama
                           Carl's Diner
                           Scales Seafood & Ice Cream, Millbury
                           Colonial Restaurant, Webster
                           Twin Oaks, Sterling
                           Wright's Chicken Farm, Nasonville, RI
                           Ronnie's Clam Shack, Auburn/Charlton
                           O'Connors Restaurant, Worcester
                           Bugaboo Creek, Shrewsbury
                           Oxfords Casual Dining
                           Weintraub's Delicatessen, Worcester
                           Outback Steakhouse, Auburn
                           Longhorn Steakhouse, Millbury
                           The Publick House
                           Firehouse Pub & Restaurant, Webster
                           Rom's Restaurant, Sturbridge
                           Dudley House of Pizza, Dudley
                           Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield
                           Biagio's Grille, Worcester
                           Val's Restaurant, Holden
                           Wholly Cannoli, Worcester
Very Good:      ****       P&D Pizza
                           Chowder Bowl, Webster
                           East Main Street Cafe, Webster
                           The Whistle Stop
                           Ethan's Pizza, Webster
                           Skip's Restaurant, Chelmsford
                           Pizza Post
                           Hot Dog Annie's, Leicester
                           Michael's Place, Webster
                           Barbers Crossing, Leicester
                           Carmella's Italian Kitchen, Brookfield
                           Point Breeze Restaurant, Webster
                           99 Restaurant, Auburn
                           Piccadilly Pub, Worcester
                           Lake Pizza, Webster
                           Golden Greek, Webster
                           Bickford's Grille, Auburn
                           Olive Garden, Marlboro
                           Matty's dog shack, Dudley
Good:           ***        Periwinkle's, Auburn
                           Friendly's, Webster
                           New England Pizza
                           The Coffee Hop
Below Par:      **         Subway
Serious Flaws:  *

Perfection:     *****      Helgerson's Excavating (Title V)  
Very Good:      ****       Max's Auto Sales & Service, Inc.
                           Ron Krusas, Proprietor
Good:           ***
Below Par:      **
Serious Flaws:  *