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Monday 27 August 2001
Bud_Buffalo forwarded a word of appreciation and a hint:

To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: Re: (fwd) Fwd: Common Sense.    [good one Ralph]
From: RMauro218@aol.com
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:22:33 EDT

Hello bud logrr's,
    Thanks for the shake-up on common sense. I forwarded it to a bunch of people I felt would enjoy it as much as I did.
   I'm a NEW-eb to your list but do Enjoy your postings. Your BUD HEAD, I think you call him (LEE Cahill) entered my subscription and just for the record, he's a great guy. Don't tell him.........may go to his head, BUD.
   Anyway, this is Rich from CSV ELECTRONICS in Buffalo, NY just saying thanks & 73's to all.
Take care,

Rich @ CSV Electronics

Tuesday 28

From: RMauro218@aol.com
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 19:03:20 EDT

   Here is an interesting piece of information for all you Hams. This link lists 7500 different Radio & related MANUALS. Take a look and maybe of interest to others. <A HREF="http://www.w7fg.com/">W7FG VINTAGE MANUALS</A> If the link doesn't do it, copy and paste www.w7fg.com
Have fun checking this out and it may be worth while to book mark it for future reference.
73's fromBud-Buffalo
   Rich @ CSV Electronics

New-barber Report:
At 1000 your editor was at Erich's Cutting Edge (I know, I know;
Joe Popek must be spinning) with two schoolboys ahead being
supervised by a loquacious mother who paid by check.  Donna the
female barber does not "do the 3-minute haircut".  She styles it
(looks same to otw) and does spend quite a bit of time adding a
shot of spray and extra TLC.  Furthermore she is pleasant and not
hard on the eyes.  When Erich begins work she will take customers
including women by appointment (like the Head_Bud's hairdresser).
One of those appointment guys came in but could not wait.  She
is open Mondays but is closed on Wednesday's on which she works
at a nursing home.  Being such a hard worker she was asked if
Polish and answered, "Irish and Lithuanian; my Irish father said
they are the same."  She has a telephone and answered in a
patient manner.  You can watch a tube and coffee is offered.
Even Barber Joe's (or possibly Sam Dumont's) nearly feckless air
conditioner has been replaced.  Kiddies have a choice of grabbing
a Tootsie Roll or a "pop".

Wednesday 29
The OTW cellar door was shortened by 1.25" at bottom edge and the
lower barn-door hinge was replaced.
The neighboring Olney girls lost their beloved KC, age 14, after
a few rough days of breathing distress.  Altho her scheduled vet
appointment was in the afternoon the kitty was taken to Tufts
24-hour Emergency Clinic early where nothing could be done and is
now resting in her favorite spot, the garden, along with
Blackie...who left them just 2 years ago. (There are still 3
resident felines - regularly walked on ropes as PT.)

Thursday 30
It looks like school commenced today in Oxford.
While hardcopying the WPX Copy of the Bud_Log the HP Laserjet
6L printer's characteristic white streak began to appear so a new
C3906A cartouche is in order.  The one in service was installed
2.5 years ago so pretty good "mileage".  Removing and "rolling"
the nearly empty cartridge restores proper distribution of the
toner for a while, a couple of weeks or so.
At 1233 Bud_Light, Sr., went by on his motorcycle heading south,
testing pipes.
Proud mother Budette submitted news:

Katie started college yesterday, she is going to Becker.  She is going to be a nurse. She is going to have to dissect animals, yuk.  She is not looking forward to it.

Friday 31
We federal-payroll-payees-by-EFT received credit early this
morning somehow.  Dubya wants us spending maybe.
At the Allen L. Joslin it looks like a school vacation today
already in Oxford.
A visit was made to Staples, without incident even tho in HHH
weather for a new Laserjet cartouche.
The asphalt jogging track at the high school (on cemetery land)
appears to be the outline of the stadium so otw would guess 1/4
mile in length.
Note to Larry Bedard: The track is not banked.
Oxford also owns a new ceremonial Harley-Davidson, the editor has
been told.  We have become big spenders just as foretold when
Selectman Rheault declared, "We can have nice things."
Hmmmm.  How can the large Hog fit into the OPD garage which was
critically full when an architect's presentation was made some
time back?  Might that have been "launching a trial balloon" as
is common in Warshington.  "Run it up the flagpole and see who
Hmmm.  How can the similar Town of Auburn's new multi-level
police station function when Oxford's architect stressed the
absolute need for a single-level operation?

Saturday 1 September
Speaking of fleecing taxpayers, the AP today reported that the
Social Security Administration at year's end had paid $31 million
to people listed as dead in the agency's OWN ELECTRONIC FILES.

Sunday 2
MVC-003S.JPG was taken by Bud_Light this morning as the Head_Bud
and his pilot friend were climbing over Bird Court having done
some aerial photography in perfect conditions.  Budette was up to
the task so being a woman of considerable aplomb she waved from
the driveway with "The Boys".  From 1,900 feet Bud was watching
his swimming pool being dismantled.
At ~2:00 PM the otw doorbell bonged and standing there was a
dapper gentleman in white shirt and tie.  "Oh no, the Jehovah's
Witnesses are back in operation!"  The guest turned out to be our
ol' friend Sgt. Baker and the Mrs. who could stay but a minute
however Don also was mystery guest on the Bud_Repeater and sort
of killed the mysterious aspect by giving his callsign.. Hi, hi!
A genuine first sgt. of that caliber speaks in a commanding voice
so tattooed stripes are not required on arms in the shower room.
That is all.


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