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Monday 3 September 2001
Budette answered phones twelve hours for the Jerry Lewis Telethon
resulting in $56 million contributed.  A personal account
To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: Re: Telethon
From: BeanieRandy@aol.com
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:39:25 EDT

Hello OTW,

I admit I am pooped, did a 12 hr telethon day today since hardly the 2nd shift showed so I worked 7 to 7.  I did enjoy it however, I got a $700 donation  - everyone cheered.....

Count your cricket chirps in 14 seconds then add 40 and the
resulting sum is your temperature according to Todd Gross, ASM.
You subscribers might take a look at POOL1.JPG for a sight we do
not see every day.  This is the wall of the Bud_Pool being
transported to its new owner who resides two houses west.
(Digital photo submitted by Bud_Light Fisher, Executive Officer.)
A beloved pet dachshund was lost by Jay and family today:
Subject: An old friend died today......
From: "Jay" <n1gki@ziplink.net>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 20:41:13 -0400

An old friend died today,

Abernathy (Abe) Corriveau/Dragon 16 December 1984 to 3 September 2001.
2145 - the Head_Bud has left the deck.

Tuesday 4
Bud had a "crunch day" which included time to get food at New
England Pizza and drive to Maxie's Auto Sales to leave the
Blazer then was returned home by trusty neighbor Bud_Light.
Later your editor was asked to define "crunch". (Bud may have
gone to debater's college.)
Today is opening day of the special goose-hunting season.  When
asked if hunters were seen at IPG Bud replied, "No and if they
were they would be arrested."  When pointed out that a
recreational police officer cannot bust, our quick-thinking
leader stated that the 1st sgt would have to be summoned.
Don KA3EHP was on the Bud_Repeater which was a considerable
honor; he was delivering take-out "food" from the New England
Pizza (rated in the Bud_Log).  We did not hear any call for
ambulance response to complaint of cramps on Conlin Road
At 2057 Bud_Keg checked into the Bud_Repeater and Bud did not
answer.  Keg's pool is to be closed this weekend.

Wednesday 5
The beloved otw 15" monitor took a Leroy and it cost 35 bucks
too..  Pratt Trucking charges 20 bucks to dispose of a CRT which
must be delivered to its facility.  With its recent CRT Law the
Great and General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts rubs
salt in the wounds of him who has the misfortune of tube giving
up the ghost.
While working on it the left lens fell onto the deck since a
screw fell out of the new "improved" gunmetal-frame glasses.  The
.053 OD thread is smaller than the standard glasses screw of
While mowing the lawn Larry Bedard stopped to visit astride a
green bike this time.  At 2056 Bud__Keg once again failed to reach the Head_Bud on the
crossband link from Woonsocket.
At 2215 Bud_Light shoved off for vacation in Myrtle Beach and
instructed your editor to "give my best to everybody".  Zed was
wished "bon voyage" and asked to u/l a photo of Strom Thurmond.

Thursday 6
At 0600 our Head_Bud witnessed the 26-years-ago-discarded Russian
booster rocket/space junk entering the atmosphere over Delaware
making a spectacular display in the SW dawn sky. (Bud is high
The Worcester P.D. along with City Manager Hoover and D.A. Conte
are running another $30,000 gun buy-back deal citing with figgers
how much crime has been prevented by previous efforts.  How can
the government "buy back" when it never owned them in the first
case, one wonders.  Questions will not be asked.  There will be
no prosecutions.  A so-called weapon in working order must be in
a plastic bag during the transaction and is to be transported in
your locked trunk.  As perceived in liberal thinking, we can see
the relative evil of each class according to the following rates
of payment:
Semi-automatic  $75
Handgun         $50
Rifle/shotgun   $25
Poor Budette sumbitted the following report:
To: k1otw@arrl.net
Subject: PUuuuuuuuuuuu
From: BeanieRandy@aol.com
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 20:55:38 EDT
CC: LeeCahill1@aol.com


The headbud had beans & hotdogs for breakfast or something earlier.  I am paying for it dearly right now. 

Friday 7
Just before 1100 the sizable funeral procession of Stephen
Suklis IV passed by en route to St. Roch Church led by a
contingent of an estimated fifty motorcycle riders and passengers
some in white beards and some females, mostly on Hogs.
Flying from one machine was a large black flag with a unknown
logo in silhouette.
At 1230 the same procession passed by again en route to West
Sutton Cemetery so there must have been quite a ceremony.
Bernie Swarzc was met in the market, actually shopping for a
change, and was pleased to hear that Sgt. Baker is shipshape.
The gentleman had a large jug of cranberry juice in the buggy and
was unaware that Moxie is still available.
BTW, WPX, the Belle of the legendary WR1ACC 99/39 Repeater, likes
In the OTW mail was the long-awaited invoice from TigerDirect.com
postmarked 4 September in Miami however, one hates to suspect
anything, perhaps a bit tardy to include with the rebate
application which had to be postmarked prior to 1 September.  By
not including the required invoice in the box with the product
and failing to respond in a timely manner to three telephone
requests by a customer could it be that Tiger's intention was to
prevent customers from qualifying for the rebate? Nawwww!  Bud took OTW on a nice ride (bumpy) around the IPG premises
including the goose pond and sand pit.
The OPD traffic patrol just stopped one Jose Jiminez and is
checking the Puerto Rico license.  The young policeman obviously
has never heard Bill Dana pronounce the classic name.
See 50YEARS.JPG to learn how Oxford fixture Dave Naramore was
honored for fifty years of seeing to it that the mail goes
through to Oxford residents.  One anecdote seems harmless enough
to mention to Bud_Log subscribers.  In the 70's the Post Office
acquired a new breed of bean counters who insisted that the
carriers park their Jeeps and walk the long dead-end streets.
Well this measure did not sit well with our efficiency-minded
walking pride of Uncle Sam who drove down the streets and backed
out registering zero (0) mileage per street.  The article also
contains a direct quotation from Phyllis.

Saturday 8
Product name: Pest-a-Cator
Manufacturer: Global Instruments
Bud's new anti-mouse device is said to "radiate a pulsating
signal" from the neutral wire of the home electrical circuitry;
this is said to sound like a jackhammer to the rodents and
insects including cockroaches within 2000 sq ft.  It is not
ultrasonic.  It is used by the U.S. military.  So far two mice
have staggered into Budette's kitchen in a bad stupor such that
they can be picked up and relocated outdoors.  Bud says they are
shaking their heads.  A test was suggested to be run to be sure
that Attention Deficit Disorder is not sustained or the animal
rights activists could be on the case.
At 1420 Bud reported two well-dressed men wearing white shirts
and ties and carrying a black knapsack heading south on Route 12
Bud_Light uploaded MyrtleBeach.JPG being on vacation still.
At 2045 Bud_Keg checked in and alerted us that football season
begins tomorrow.  Keg has not watched "Monday Night Football" for
three years due to Dennis Miller and did not respond when advised
that Miller now has a man's haircut.

Sunday 9
Our Head_Bud was supervising installation of a high-tech floor
today nevertheless managed to appear on the Bud_Net.
Tim Russert of "Meet the Press" informed us that according to the
INS there are plenty of illegal immigrants in the USA other than
Mexico        2,700,000
El Salvador      335,000
Canada          120,000
Haiti          105,000
Phillipines       95,000
Russert feared that the minority groups of illegal aliens will
protest discrimination.
Is this a great country or what?
                             .....Yakov Smirnoff
The VVS Family of Dudley visited a while this evening and
presented a generous bagful of homegrown peaches.  We hope that
they made it back home in the dark in that old car from the 50's
without an automatic transmission, roof, straps or cell phone.


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