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Monday 2 June 2003
UMass dermatology was visited in early afternoon where your
editor was told that the skin is dry (among other faults).  A Rx
"oil" was prescribed along with an antibacterial (amebicide)
lotion for a lesion (which has gone into remission) in a bad
place.  For the record your editor had nearly terminal acne with
oily hide which never really abated until about the 6th decade of
life - and now it is "dry".
The Bud_Mobile was spotted traveling south in front of Brooks
Drug.  The distinguished person riding shotgun, at first guessed
to be JD, turned out to be Bud_Trician.
Head_Bud reported at 8:30 PM that by using a SSB 2-meter receiver
and triangulating noise on the IC-756 display he pinpointed noisy
power lines on two Charlton Street poles.  Forty five minutes
after a call to MA Electric a trouble truck showed up and the
gentleman went up in his bucket to find faulty fuses. "You could
put a Popsickle stick thru them."  Bud was thanked for
forestalling a sizeable power failure.  A crew is to show up at
9:00 AM for permanent repair.
After considerable experimentation with the two 500Hz filters,
one in 2nd IF and one in 3rd IF, Bud has determined that this is
a "rich man's toy".
"The Boys" are well; Randall's ears were cleaned and poor ol'
Murph is "deaf as a rock".
The hammock to be on the porch is still on the back burner due to
other priorities.
Uh, oh!  It turned out that Bud's crew showed up nearer 9:00 PM.
At 9:54 PM we underwent a power failure in center of Town for
which emergency generators and lights were set up near The Hall.
An otw gelcell had to power a scanner.  All heck broke loose.  A
child was missing.  A resident at Wrinkle City could not run the
cordless phone.  Bud called on the cell phone and asked if he had
done a good job.  He stated that the fuses were arcing too much
for live replacement.  "They should not mess with my radios."
KEY and SON are probably proud of this Pennsylvania favorite son.
AC was restored in 21 minutes.  The Hometown Bank (where WPX is a
charter depositor) is reporting a fire alarm.
Here is another restaurant review: To: "H. Rumsfeld Worthington" <k1otw@att.net>
Subject: NE PIZZA
From: "Susan Olney" <sueolney@rcn.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 19:47:48 -0400

must add our comments to NE PIZZA rating   ...YUCK....we called in an order on SAT at 3;30 ( hardly a busy time )  when we got it home it was RATHER dark  and less than tasty....seems they've lost another customer
Tuesday 3
10:25 AM.  Dateline: Oxford
A caller from Orchard Hill Estates called 911 warning of
violence to take place in St. Roch's Church.  Inside the
structure an OPD officer found three people in a prayer meeting
and no "pew-tis" on site.  We do not suppose that a resident of
Orchard Hill (formerly Lapa's apple orchard) might be inebriated,
do we?
At 1045 AM someone is being given a ride home; the medical term
'ETOH' was mentioned.
The Board of Selectmen unanimously without discussion voted to
authorize Lee Cahill to operate Field Day 2003 from the site of
the historic Huguenot Monument.  For the record, Field Day is an
annual event falling on the last weekend of June designed to test
capability of emergency communications by hams.  There is plenty
of eating and socializing.  Press and interested visitors are
sure to be welcomed at the Field Day site by the Buds.  We have
been reminded that in the great tragedy 9-11 in Manhattan direct
radio communications saved the day when telephones had failed,
when the nearby Verizon building was severely damaged.
The late Selectman Bigwood would not have contained himself
during the Engineer's lengthy presentation; he surely would have
taken the floor and called for firing a Town employee who is not
a resident.

Wednesday 4
About 12.10, Lauri Carlson (neighbor) rang the doorbell to tell
JWL that a man had fallen in the road in front of Phyllis
Bugbee's house 12 June St.  JWL called the OPD at the long
number.  About 20 minutes later they arrived at the scene to
pick this fella up.  It was Dennis Meggs.
Bud_Oscar take note pse:
While commuting to work at IPG (two miles) this morning an auto
turned in such a configuration that sunlight momentarily
reflected from its rear window into the eyes of Lee.  Visors down
and sunglasses were not needed.  BTW Bud no longer has to listen
to Cindy Campbell's traffic reports.
At ~3:00 PM the Project Manager and Chief Electrician (not
certain of title here) of IPG were in the N&J Donut Shop for a
staff meeting.
5:11 PM Buidling 1, IPG: door alarm.
At 5:19 PM the report of OPD officer follows: "I spoke with Lee
Cahill; door was opened by employee error."
Written orders came down from the Head_Bud to Bud_Light, XO
(executive officer for those Buchanan voters in West Palm Beach)
to see to it that grass is cut before Field Day.
For the record, the OTW bats are not 'corked'.  They are still in
the cellar available for inspection.  They are in same position
as when put away after the last baseball game behind Rene
Lambert's house during the frist Eisenhower administration.

Thursday 5
At 0800 Phyllis was at MRI on Park Avenue.
At the Shaw's Market the cart of Cecile and Armand Duso was
rammed in a frozen-food aisle as they intently were looking for
something in a cooler.  She was offered a $5 coupon but was not
purchasing $50 in food.  Only the $3 coupon was accepted by a
sharp young lady clerk.  Always-cheerful Donald was at his post
as "bag boy"; he has been told before that Letterman started that
way.  When leaving, Dave Moiles was spotted across the parking
lot wearing high-speed sneakers.

Friday 6
Today was D-Day in 1944 when Allied Forces launched the greatest
armada ever assembled in the attack on Europe on the shores of
At 5:30 PM a great horn tooting concert was heard on the street.
There was WPX delivering a birthday cake to somebody.  The sight
was poignant.  VVS take note:
Before driving off WPX secured her strap before uttering the
motto: "Click it or ticket".
Dave Letterman joke:
"Hillary Clinton has written a 600-page memoir of her eight years
in the White House - not bad for a woman who when she was there
had no idea of what was going on.  Remarkable!"
Norm alias Bud_Classic is the first known Bud to have streaming
video working on a Web page.

Saturday 7
Aw shucks!  At 10:00 AM rain is falling on the 5-family yard sale
in progress outside the window here under auspices of the Olney
Girls.  Earlier dignitaries Bud and Budette browsed the event in
an unconventional manner since Bud was preceding the Mrs. by ~100
feet (30.48 meters at IPG).  Usually the hubby with hands in
pockets follows one pace to the rear however when in markets is
pushing the cart three paces back where he is occasionally
instructed to get out of the way.  Bud had telephone on belt but
no beeper anymore.
1" of rain fell today.
The Olney Girls plan to re-run the yard sale next Saturday or the
week after.

Sunday 8
At peaks there was only the faintest indication of a SSB signal
at the time of the Bud_Net.  Head_Bud was not on deck.
Bud_Light presented fifty (50) Sony CD-ROM disks making a stock
sufficient for three lifetimes at the otw stage.
Phyllis made a fine roast beef dinner with ear of corn and was
demonstrating that she could do the polka with Eddie Bezjoinchezk
(sp) if called upon.  Other than the paresthesia causing a
painful sensation when the skin of the thigh is touched she is
back on deck.  This ham who was "Belle of the 99/39 Repeater"
sounds right again also so a great day!
In the center, two minnows-in-training pushed the big button
setting off all-red lights to cross properly in a crosswalk.
This was reported to the Head_Bud without confirmation or other

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